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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Crossing The Bridge From Knowledge To Action - Developing Facilitation Techniques To Create Intra Personal Change

Knowledge is available at the click of a keyboard, however, we propose that beyond supporting students to build skills in evaluating the veracity of the 'knowledge' that is freely available, the teacher’s role is to support transformation as a person, not just know more, but to call for change to equip the students both with the skills but also the mindsets needed to take meaningful action. In this session, we explore how to facilitate students to bridge the ‘knowing-doing gap’ to be able to act in a manner that supports the development of a more sustainable and ethical world. By exploring the type of teacher you are and wonder questioning technique teachers can shift to facilitating change in mental models of students to support action in their world.

Lynn Gribble
UNSW Sydney

Janis Wardrop
UNSW Sydney


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