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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Improving The Bridge Between University and Work For Management Students

The transition from university to work is a challenging time for students, impacting their future careers and success. Experiential learning, especially simulations of work environments, can prepare students for this transition. However, educators are still looking for a better bridge between university and work. In this roundtable discussion, we will review Career Construction Theory and the concept of Career Adaptability and engage in a discussion about ways to improve the career adaptability of management students during the time of transition from university to work.

Ovidiu C. Cocieru
University of Scranton
United States

Matthew C.B. Lyle
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
United States

Lauren Hindman
Stonehill College
United States

Mark A. McDonald
University of Massachusetts Amherst
United States


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