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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Using Vlogs and Artificial Intelligence For Assessment In Higher Education: An Interactive Exploration of Benefits, Limitations, and Next Steps

Vlogs have become a popular form of self-expression and communication in higher education, allowing individuals to share personal experiences and knowledge in an engaging and interactive way. They have been shown to be an effective tool for assessing various learning outcomes, such as critical thinking and digital literacy. However, the use of vlogs as a form of assessment also has limitations, such as cheating and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A study by Li et al (2020) proposed a framework for educators to work together with AI to improve the student experience, by using AI to support the assessment process and detect plagiarism, while also ensuring fairness and reducing bias. A hybrid approach combining human and AI evaluations was found to improve the accuracy and reliability of the assessment. We propose an interactive 45-minute session to bridge traditional assessment methods with technology.

Kyle E. Ingram
University of Californa, Riverside
United States

Darline Augustine
CUNY-Brooklyn College
United States

Michelle Montague-Mfuni
University of Richmond
United States


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