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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Cognitive Overload: Moving From Overwhelmed To Deeply Immersed In Management Education

Cognitive overload hinders learning and engagement in the classroom and “causes learning to be slowed down or even stop, because the brain can no longer process all the information being presented” (InnerDrive, n.d., para. 2). Therefore, there is a need to reduce some of the learner’s cognitive overload by emphasizing focus on coursework completion instead of trying to navigate the course design. Further, this session will provide a course-design overview and classroom strategies that may be useful for management educators interested in reducing cognitive overload for their students. This session will provide an opportunity to apply the course-design strategies discussed that once applied may have a positive impact on the learning aspect of undergraduate and graduate students. In alignment with the conference theme, this session will discuss the importance of bridging the gap between cognitive overload and student learning and engagement related to management education.

Sam Koudsia
Purdue University Fort Wayne
United States

Michael Kirchner
Purdue University Fort Wayne
United States


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