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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Bridging The Gap In Dei Support: The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Dei In 2023

The prominence of DEI has increased in recent years, and most schools have developed infrastructures to support diversity awareness on campus. Other stakeholders have also increased their focus on DEI, and the space has become controversial. Some feel that more effort and resources should be invested in promoting diversity awareness, while others feel that too much emphasis has already been invested and that it impinges free speech. This panel of administrators and deans from various contexts will discuss how they are navigating this landscape, and audience members will be asked to share their experiences.

Joy Beatty
Eastern Michigan University
United States

Micheal Stratton
Georgia College and State University
United States

Barbara Ritter
Jacksonville University
United States

Erika Small
Coastal Carolina University
United States


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