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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Gather Around The “Video-Clip Campfire” and Share Your Best Teaching Video Clips

We will continue our tradition of a “video campfire.” MOBTC has provided us with some of the best videos for our classes and we want to continue expanding our library. We will showcase a new set of our favorite video clips and invite participants to do the same. We will compile all the submissions and provide access to our database. Bring your best “go-to” clips and we will orchestrate a spirited session that will be fun and ideally leave you with some new ideas for your classes. Videos lend themselves easily for use in an on-ground or on-line environment and for undergraduate, graduate and executive levels.

Maria Alejandra Quijada
Metropolitan State University Denver
United States

Timothy Baldwin
Indiana University
United States

Robert MArx
University of Massachussetts Amherst
United States


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