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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Pinterest Meets Storycorps: Re-Imagining The Case Study As A Scrapbooked, Diy Initiative

The use of case studies in business classrooms is a commonly used pedagogical tool. However, there are known problems with long, commercially available cases (e.g. cost, length, density, businesses that sell answers to published cases, lack of theoretical applications, lack of connections to course learning outcomes, etc.). One possible solution to these problems is for instructors to create their own cases. In this professional development workshop (PDW), we will teach participants how to create short cases for classroom use that are embedded with archival images and videos, and delivered in an arguably more engaging format than typical, academic cases. Cases can be created by either the instructor or by students as a graded assignment. Participants will be given time to create their own simple cases using their phones or a laptop. Sample cases will be shared with participants.

Joan Shapiro Beigh
Loyola University Chicago
United States

Lisa Stickney
The University of Baltimore
United States


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