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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Meeting Students Where They Are: Teaching In A Hyflex Environment

Even before the pandemic, technology enabled more flexible learning formats. Student interest in flexibility has only increased since. In this PDW, we discuss HyFlex classrooms, which allow students to take classes in-person, synchronously online, or asynchronously as they choose. This format creates challenges for instructors who must ensure that students in any modality meet the same learning objectives. We will explain the HyFlex format, share results of our research on faculty and student perceptions of the format, provide tips and tools for improving HyFlex classes, and have an open discussion of the pitfalls and benefits of the HyFlex classroom.

Cathryn Meegan
Jacksonville University
United States

Caitlin Sockbeson
Jacksonville University
United States

Susan Ledlow
United States


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