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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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From Lemons To Lemonade: New Recipes For Success In A Post-Pandemic Teaching and Learning Environment

The Pandemic gave us all lemons and we embraced both the sweet and the sour of the experience. As we navigate a post-pandemic world there is much to learn from the technology, workarounds and innovations that created new ways of working for us in our teaching and the administration of our learning environments. Drawing on the foundations of problem-based learning this roundtable aims to connect with other faculty to explore how this experience took us steps forward, but also may be requiring some steps back

Nick Bartkoski
The University of Oklahoma
United States

Ben Blackford
Northwest Missouri State University
United States

Michelle Fleig-Palmer
University of Saint Francis
United States

Carla Flores
Ball State University
United States

David Palmer
South Dakota State University
United States

Tim Peterson
North Dakota State University
United States

Ronda Smith
Ball State University
United States


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