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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Identity-Mapping Using Feminist Theory To Cultivate “Privilege Awareness”

To respond to JME’s 2023 call to cultivate “privilege awareness” (Rabelo et al., 2023), this session invites educators to use social identity theory and intersectionality as foundational concepts in their organizational behavior courses. Grounded in the works of black feminist theorists Beverly Tatum (2000) and Kimberle Crenshaw (1989, 1991), this session guides participants through an identity-mapping exercise and personal reflections on lived and organizational experience. The session will culminate in a brainstorm on how to embed the identity lens into OB curriculum so that critical conversations don’t become siloed to tokenized or “on-off” diversity, equity, and inclusion modules.

Heatherjean MacNeil
Northeastern University
United States

Sarah Woodside
Northeastern University
United States


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