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MOBTS 2023: 50th Anniversary Conference

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Reigniting The Flame: A Discussion On Keeping The Torch Burning In The Face of Academic 'Quiet Quitting'

Academia met COVID with a fierce resistance. Teacher-scholars met the adversity they were faced with and adjusted their classrooms at a moment’s notice. While riding the high of exploring new environments to teach and collaborate through, academic engagement in the first half of COVID were reaching new peaks. Journals were receiving significant numbers of submissions, reviewers for articles were largely plentiful, and virtual conferences opened the door to new heights. Conferences such as Virtual MOBTS neared 400 attendees.

However, in the closing half of COVID as we now adjust back to some level of normalcy, it appears that academic ‘quiet quitting’ has taken a foothold. Journals across the board are seeing 25%-50% decreases in submissions, reviewers are refusing to reciprocate due to several arguments, and conference engagement is dipping. As MOBTS celebrates its 50th anniversary, its leadership cannot afford to assume that its torch will burn bright for the next 50 years as no organization is immune to such academic silence. Rather, we strive to discuss how we all can work together to reignite this torch and have it burn brighter than ever before.

Please join us in this discussion as we tackle the struggles being faced over the last two years that have led to decreased engagement and assist us in bridging the gap so that we may lay the groundwork for the next 50.

Brandon Charpied
Jacksonville University
United States

Kevin Lo
University of San Francisco
United States


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