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International MOBTS 2022

International MOBTS 2022 Conference Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-3-4

9 A Roundtable for Women Educators in Organizational Behavior
Chantal van Esch, Sarah Wright, Ashley Mandeville, Gisa Todt

25 Centering the Management Educator in Promoting Student (and Faculty) Well-Being: Classroom Interventions, Policies, and Approaches
Nicholas Rhew, Robert Steinbauer

7 Changing Faculty Roles Amid Shifts in Higher Education
Kevin Lo, Ken Mullane, Terry Nelson

11 Developing Critical Thinking Skills: A Mixed Bag of Approaches (roundtable discussion)
Opal Leung, Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar

16 Digital methods of academic and professional training in industrial engineering
Thilo Gamber, Jochen Knecht

20 Discovering the Case Authors in Our Business Courses: Facilitating Problem-Based Learning Through Business Grand Rounds
Ken Weidner, Elena Lvina

Robert Lahdo, Judit Klein-Wiele, Yannik Knau, Marcella Rosenberger, Andrea Honal, Vera Döring, Marc Kuhn Kuhn, Harald Mandel

4 Engage the Guest Editors: JME Special Issue on Technology in Management Education
Micheal Stratton, Scott Allen, Steven Edelson

15 Enhancing Future Skills Learning in Higher Education – a Toolbox
Nicole Geier, Laura Eigbrecht, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers

2 Five managers facing five ethical climates at work
Diana Smrt

24 Fried Faculty: Slowing the Burn
Holly Rick, Melissa McCartney

21 Making the Theoretical Intuitive: An Anchored Approach to Teaching Porter’s Five Forces
Thomas Weber, Nicholas Rhew

18 Mid-Career and Senior Faculty Career Management Roundtable
Melissa Knott

14 Onboarding new students from different backgrounds - Best practice cases from the DHBW and other universities
Christian Spletter, Gabriella Lambrecht, Svenja Wiechmann

19 Promoting student engagement during online teaching - Exchanging experiences and implications for teaching after the pandemic
Stefanie Sachsenmaier, Katja Wengler

12 Roundtable Discussion: Envisioning the University of the Future
Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Laura Eigbrecht

6 Soft Skills on the Rise: Defining Leaders of the Future
Alexandra Toth, Jens Mergenthaler, Andrea Honal

13 Student as Hero: Reflecting on the Study Abroad Transformation
Robin Sronce

22 Teaching about antisemitism in the workplace from a business school platform
Yochanan Altman

23 Teaching entrepreneurship in the Metaverse: Design thinking for Finding opportunities
Susan Stryker, Shalini Gopalkrishnan

5 Teaching Global Executives: How to Sell, Design, Deliver and Have Impact
Suzanne de Janasz, Maury Peiperl, Kelly Bean

1 Using influence tactics in teaching online to drive student learning behaviour
Lynn Gribble, Janis Wardrop

10 Virtual reality field trips in management education: the next level
Hanno Martens, Volker Rundshagen

8 Workplace Harassment: Preparing Students for Reality through Virtual Reality
Robert Steinbauer, Nicholas Rhew


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