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International MOBTS 2022

International MOBTS 2022 Conference Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-3-4 »

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Virtual reality field trips in management education: the next level

Keywords: Virtual reality, field trips, intercultural management

Abstract: This PDW presents and provides the activity of a virtual study trip to Oman conducted with management students to exemplify how virtual reality deployment fosters understanding of management issues in intercultural settings. Equipped with virtual reality cardboards and their smartphones, workshop participants will join a short trip including streams and life two-way interaction with a representative based in Oman, sample tasks students had to perform, and reflect on learning goals and outcomes. Participants will then reflect on this learning format and sketch ideas of how to develop suitable VR field trip programs for their own teaching setting.

Hanno Martens, CBS International Business School (Germany)

Volker Rundshagen, University of Applied Sciences Stralsund (Germany)


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