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International MOBTS 2022

International MOBTS 2022 Conference Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-3-4 »

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Promoting student engagement during online teaching - Exchanging experiences and implications for teaching after the pandemic

Keywords: student engagement, synchronous online teaching, activating learning methods

Abstract: During the pandemic, we have gained experience with new formats, including synchronous online teaching. A fundamental challenge is a rather passive attitude of students during these classes. Research has shown that student engagement is a salient factor for learning success. We seek to emphasize the need for supporting student engagement and provide examples of methods that can be applied. There is evidence that such methods can encourage students, however, students have been showing an emergent tendency towards online fatigue. At the end of our classroom activity, we would like to discuss the “New Normal” of teaching after the pandemic in combinations of traditional and emerging formats.

Stefanie Sachsenmaier, University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn (Germany)

Katja Wengler, Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany)


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