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International MOBTS 2022

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Onboarding New Students From Different Backgrounds - Best Practice Cases From The Dhbw and Other Universities

Abstract: Both university institutions and students - and therefore their mutual fitting - got challenged by digital disruption of the Corona-pandemic. Considering the current demands towards more educational mobility, topics of transition to academia and onboarding arrangement come to the fore in order to facilitate student socialization. Thus, amongst others, non-traditional or rather professional students get drawn into the focal point being an additional factor of heterogeneity in personal perception of study requirements in transition from vocational to academic education. The roundtable discussion will integrate different perspectives on how responsibles can handle opportunities and barriers of first-year-students by addressing appropriate best practices.

Keywords: Academic Success, Diversity, First-Year Experience

Session Format: ROUNDTABLE

Christian Spletter
University of St. Gallen

Gabriella Lambrecht
DHBW Heilbronn

Svenja Wiechmann
DHBW Heilbronn


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