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International MOBTS 2022

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“But It’s So Random!” – A Versatile Constrained Creativity Exercise For Application of Business Topics

Abstract: In this exercise, participants create a fictional business based on a set of randomly generated words. This requires participants to exercise creativity, while reinforcing the business concepts learned in class. The exercise has four steps: (1) generation of a prompt of three random words, (2) participants design a fictional business based on this prompt, (3) participants answer questions applying the concepts being taught, and (4) presentations and discussion. The exercise is followed by a debrief which includes group discussions and critical thinking activities. We illustrate the exercise with examples from a strategic management class. The exercise can be applied in a variety of topics in business and organizations, student levels, and modes of instruction. Students report that the exercise was challenging, enjoyable, and effective in increasing understanding of the concepts taught.

Keywords: Versatile exercise, Concept application, Constrained creativity

Session Format: EXPERIENTIAL

Ofer Meilich
California State University, San Marcos
United States

Emmeline Depillis
University of La Verne
United States


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