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International MOBTS 2023

International MOBTS 2023 Proceedings

A workshop on “Embedding mental health and wellbeing in curriculum”.
Neha Gopinath

Academics’ work-life balance and academics-students interactions: a debate on debated topics.
Giulia Giunti

Acknowledging Neurodiversity in Management Education: Improving Professional Development for Neurodivergent Management Students
Jessica L. Doll , April J. Spivack, H. Kristl Davison

Advancing active learning in management education: professional development for faculty through their own high engagement
Clive Holtham, Linlan Huang, Martin Rich

An Experiential Exercise to Teach Reliability and Validity (and other tricky measurement concepts)
Kenneth Levitt, Stacy Wassell

Application of Hofstede Cultural Dimensions in International Human Resources
Kerri Crowne

Assessing student learning outcomes: Let’s create some rubrics
Kathy Lund Dean, Sarah Wright

Campus as Case Study: Teaching Organizational Culture Using Students’ Lived Experiences
David Brown

ChatGPT: Natural Language Processing Discussion
William Phillips, Pakanat Kiratikosolrak, Elizabeth Tate, Shawn Keough

Communication Apprehension: A Silent Destroyer of Engagement and Effective Communication in University Classrooms and Beyond
Joy Jones

Creating an Interactive Classroom Experience with Gimkit
Ankur Nandedkar, Ashwini Gangadharan

Decolonising the Curriculum in Management
Xi Xi

Developing and assessing systems thinking for sustainability in a competency-based extra-curricular course at a business school
Katharina Salomon, Daniela Ortiz

Developing Team Camaraderie: The Photo Scavenger Hunt
Stephanie Van Dellen

Discussing the undiscussables: Developing deeper conversational skills in the management education classroom
Sarah Wright, Kathy Lund Dean

Effectively Measuring Participation
Stephanie Van Dellen

Experiencing leadership in a Virtual Reality: How to create and use VR in the classroom
Robert Steinbauer

Fostering Inclusive Classrooms through an Allyship Framework
Michele Brown Kerrigan

Four Brief Experiential Activities to Engage your Management Classroom
Andrew Bennett, Kevin Lo, Ken Mullane, Emily Tarr

From Alarming to Alluring: Navigating the Cultural, Ethical, and Implementation Hurdles of Artificial Intelligence in Academia
Brandon Charpied, Barbara A. Ritter, Linda Pittenger

From Business Star and Moral Failure to Moral Star and Business Failure: The Case of Oskar Schindler
Michael Stevens

How to Use Job Analysis to Create a Job Description
Gabriella Lewis

HyFlex Course Delivery
Dietrich von Biedenfeld, Candace TenBrink

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em! A Demonstration Project for Using ChatGPT to Generate Tailored Organizational Behavior Classroom Exercises
Rikki Abzug

Increasing Students’ Culturally Empathy: Activities and Lessons Learned
Alysa D. Lambert, Regina Yanson

Is It Time We Stop Teaching Ethics and Start Teaching Character and Values?
Michael Stevens

Leadership in Crisis Situations: An Interactive Workshop Using a Reality Game
Robert Lahdo, Yannik Knau

Learning from each other: How to launch or revitalize your experiential learning activities.
Candace TenBrink, Dietrich von Biedenfeld

Learning practical business skills using Virtual Reality
Fabio Oliveira

Leveraging AI in the Classroom
Joshua Ray, Kelsey Metz, April Anderson

Meet the Editors: Crafting Papers for the Journal of Management Education (JME) and Management Teaching Review (MTR)
Kerri Anne Crowne, Jennifer S. A. Leigh, Melanie A. Robinson, Gordon B. Schmidt

Photography’s Power and Potential for Teaching and Learning
Justina Oliveira

Lucy Arendt, Nicholas Rhew

Quiet Quitting in The Workplace: An Experiential Exercise
Anna Kayes

Raising Young Entrepreneurs in Post-COVID Times: Promoting Self-Management Skills by Using Online Teaching Methods
Andrea Honal, Dorothee Beez, Alexander Scholl, Volker Rundshagen

Rethinking Management Education from Sociomateriality
Cecilia Oliveira Bezerra, Eduardo Paes Barreto Davel, Clare Rigg

So, you’re now a manager? Insights from Machiavelli’s The Prince Chapter 9 ‘Civil Principality’ and crowdsourced solutions - with emphasis on the T&S who find themselves managing colleagues on other contract types.
Ian Stewart

Taking Responsibility for Responsible Management Education and Learning: A Bottom-up Approach
Esther Unger-Aviram, Gil Bozer

Teaching in the era of Transformers and AI
Shalini Gopalkrishnan

Teaching Students to Manage Conflict
Christina McCurley

The Knowledge Café as a Case Method in Synchronous Online Classroom – “The OD Consultant at Animens” Case Study
Robert M Yawson, Emmanuel Osafo, Obi Damoah Berko, Lily Yarney

The Leading Role: Experiential Exercise for Recognizing Leadership Styles
Athena Wooldridge, A. Brook Purdum, Stephanie Jones

The Power of Humble Teaching and What it Takes to Master it
Elena Lvina, Sujit Sur, Catalin Ratiu, C. Ken Weidner II

Transitions:The role of SoTL in practitioner to academic/pracademic transitions
Jacqueline baxter, Helen Selby Fell Selby Fell , Fran Myers

Trustworthy AI in the Classroom: from Creativity to Responsibility
Aisling Crean, Shiona Chillas

United States Coast Guard Academy Faculty Explore the Challenges of Collaborative Teaching in a Military Leadership Program
Theresa McBride, Jonathan Heller, Edward Gailor

Unreliable narrators entering management education: The next level of building student awareness of diffuse organizational realities
Volker Rundshagen, Markus Raueiser, Andrea Honal

Using AI in the classroom to enable INSAITs: Innovative Synergies to Advance Impactful Transformations
Maria Ishkova

Using Design Thinking to Address Wicked Problems
Bruce Paton

Using Problem Based Learning and Case Studies to Teach Organisational Behaviour
Jamie O'Brien, Anna Antos

Virtual means towards a global end: Fostering cross-cultural learning for undergraduate students
Jack McCarthy, Brian Harney, Baidyanath Biswas, Orlagh Reynolds, Kevin Sweeney, Jamid Ul Islam, Joseph Weintraub

When Motivation is not Enough
Shawna Chen

Years of Experience: Aging-Informed Perspectives in Management Education
David Brown, Julie Brown

You belong here: creating learning environments that help students thrive
Janet Nelson


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