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MOBTS Oceania 2021

MOBTS Oceania 2021 Proceedings

19 ‘Yes, but … Yes, and …’: a teamwork game for problem-based peer learning
Leanne Piggott, Janis Wardrop

28 Building a community of teaching academics
Janis Wardrop, Leanne Piggott

22 Engaging a growth mindset: harnessing assessment feedback to engage students in learning
Lynn Gribble, Janis Wardrop

17 Exercises for Teaching Organizational Change
Jiunwen Wang, Ivy Chia

21 Exploring Transformational and Pseudo-Transformational Leadership With Three Leader Examples
Kristi Tyran, Tracey Sigler

12 Faculty Stressors during COVID-19 and Civil Unrest
Rebecca Evan, Crystal Fashant, Denise E Williams, Carol Bormann Young, Marcia Hagen

14 How do we pursue professional development for (female) leadership in times of crisis?
Heather Stewart, Deborah Delaney

20 Imagery and Metaphor - engaging undergraduates in responsibility for their own learning
Elyssebeth Leigh

16 Impact of Student Learning Motivation on Behaviours, Experiences and Performance in Online Discussion Board
Jiunwen Wang, Ivy Chia

31 Journal of Management Education
Jennifer Leigh, Marissa Edwards, Kathy Lund Dean

32 Journal of Management Education
Jennifer Leigh, Marissa Edwards, Kathy Lund Dean

15 Learning Team Leadership Skills Through Simulations
Lili Mi

25 Meet the Editors of the Management Teaching Review
Tracey Sigler, Jane Schmidt-Wilk, Paul Donovan, Melissa Fender, Lisa Stickney, Neal Ashkanasy

23 Reflections on remote teaching of business master's programme during COVID-19 lockdown: Implications for post-COVID-19 times.
Patricia Hubbard, Hanoku Bathula, Deepika Jindal, Xingang Wang, Andrew Eberhard

29 Rethinking undergraduate induction week 2020: high engagement when fully online
Clive Holtham, Martin Rich, Sylvia Malo

9 Scaffolding the cultivation of evidence-based practice
Bronte van der Hoorn

26 Sharing Institutional and Individual Responses to Promote Faculty Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Marissa Edwards, Adam Pervez, Kevin D. Lo, Erin Gallagher

10 The Blindfolded Obstacle Course in a Blended Zoom and Bricks & Mortar (Hybrid) Classroom
Eric Nelson, Andrea Dieckman, Joe West, Jessica Howe

24 The evolving role of academic development in improving effective teaching: Reflections on teaching during COVID 19 lockdown.
Hanoku Bathula, Hamish Cowan, Radhika Kumar, Sean Sturm

18 The Love/Hate Relationship of Group Assignments
Jessica Yustantio

27 Utilizing Virtual Reality for engaging students
Shalini Gopalkrishnan, Nicole Jackson

11 Virtual Action Learning to Enhance Student Engagement - An example of application at the postgraduate level
David Rosenbaum, Elizabeth More

13 Why don’t my digitally capable students use better information?...Embedding information literacy to enhance student learning.
Patricia Hubbard, Dr. Angela Feekery


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