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Impact of Student Learning Motivation on Behaviours, Experiences and Performance in Online Discussion Board

Abstract: The Covid-19 crisis has shifted much student learning onto online platforms such as online discussion boards. Building on a growing body of literature, this paper investigates how students’ intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation to learn and learning versus performance orientation affect their behaviours, experiences and quality of work in an online discussion board, Perusall. The results of this preliminary piece of research shows that intrinsic motivation is positively related to number of posts students make, the quality of the posts, and student engagement. Furthermore, having a learning rather than performance orientation increased their collaborative learning online. These findings suggest that instructors can aim to shape their students’ learning motivation and orientation to maximize learning opportunities and benefits from an online discussion platform.

Keywords: online learning, learning motivation

Jiunwen Wang, Singapore University of Social Sciences

Ivy Chia, Singapore University of Social Sciences


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