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‘Yes, but … Yes, and …’: a teamwork game for problem-based peer learning

Abstract: This session will focus on the ‘pitfalls and delights’ of teamwork, both in person and virtually, with an account of a structured class designed by the facilitators as an early intervention for effective teamwork. As part of the session, the participants will explore the ‘Yes, but … Yes, and …’ game, which is aimed at students experiencing ‘blocking’ versus ‘affirming’ behaviour to highlight how their own behaviour can limit or enhance their team’s endeavours, and the importance of building a culture of trust. The session will conclude with a debrief on how participants might use the game in their own courses.

Keywords: Teamwork, problem-based peer learning

Leanne Piggott, The University of New South Wales, Sydney

Janis Wardrop, The University of New South Wales, Sydney


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