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Reflections on remote teaching of business master's programme during COVID-19 lockdown: Implications for post-COVID-19 times.

Abstract: Following the Government of New Zealand's robust response to COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Auckland also displayed a similar level of willingness in transitioning from classroom teaching to remote teaching while seeking to ensure the continuation of quality education. The panel members of this submission are teachers of a business master's programme. In a short period, we prepared and delivered the course for the whole term through remote teaching. In this panel discussion, we would like to share our experiences in four areas: preparation, delivery, achievements and challenges. Reflecting on this experience, we seek to offer implications for business education.

Keywords: COVID-19, online teaching, business education

Patricia Hubbard, The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Hanoku Bathula, The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Deepika Jindal, The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Xingang Wang, The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Andrew Eberhard, The University of Auckland
New Zealand


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