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MOBTS Oceania 2021

At-a-Glance Program

Wednesday, 27 January
9:00am – 9:30amOpening Session (Zoom 100)
10:00am – 11:30amUtilizing Virtual Reality for engaging students (Zoom 100)
 Reflections on remote teaching of business master's programme during COVID-19 lockdown: Implications for post-COVID-19 times. (Zoom 200)
 Scaffolding the cultivation of evidence-based practice (Zoom 300)
12:00pm – 1:00pmThe Blindfolded Obstacle Course in a Blended Zoom and Bricks & Mortar (Hybrid) Classroom (Zoom 100)
 Faculty Stressors during COVID-19 and Civil Unrest (Zoom 200)
 Exploring Transformational and Pseudo-Transformational Leadership With Three Leader Examples (Zoom 300)
1:30pm – 2:30pmHow do we pursue professional development for (female) leadership in times of crisis? (Zoom 100)
 Exercises for Teaching Organizational Change (Zoom 200)
Thursday, 28 January
8:00am – 9:00amRethinking undergraduate induction week 2020: high engagement when fully online (*To Be Recorded*) (Zoom 100)
9:10am – 10:40amWhy don’t my digitally capable students use better information?...Embedding information literacy to enhance student learning. (Zoom 100)
 Virtual Action Learning to Enhance Student Engagement - An example of application at the postgraduate level (Zoom 200)
 Engaging a growth mindset: harnessing assessment feedback to engage students in learning (Zoom 300)
10:45am – 11:45amLearning Team Leadership Skills Through Simulations (Zoom 100)
 Sharing Institutional and Individual Responses to Promote Faculty Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Zoom 200)
 Building a community of teaching academics (Zoom 300)
12:00pm – 12:30pmThe evolving role of academic development in improving effective teaching: Reflections on teaching during COVID 19 lockdown. (Zoom 100)
 Impact of Student Learning Motivation on Behaviours, Experiences and Performance in Online Discussion Board (Zoom 200)
 Imagery and Metaphor - engaging undergraduates in responsibility for their own learning (*To Be Recorded*) (Zoom 200)
2:15pm – 2:45pmClosing Remarks & Reflections (Zoom 100)
Friday, 29 January
9:00am – 10:30amMeet the Editors of the Management Teaching Review (Zoom 100)
11:00am – 1:30pmJournal of Management Education (Zoom 100)


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