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We are using face shields with drapes as well.

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There are also face shields with drapes that protect a person but still make their face visible. These are acceptable for state of California (if your county has low enough numbers).

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Dear Jason,

We are also distributing face masks, face shields, and microphones as well as keyboards and mice to our faculty members.  We have a mandatory face covering policy, which has a few exceptions.  In addition to students with hearing impairments, most of us rely on lip reading (even if we are unaware of doing so).  Thus, we are giving faculty members the choice of using a face shield in lieu of the face mask if that works better for them and their students.  I should note that faculty members may also opt to use both the face mask and shield when teaching.  Our overarching goal is for people to be safe.

However, if instructors choose to wear only a face shield, we are strongly recommending they make sure when speaking that no students are behind them, given there is evidence that the respiratory droplets can bounce off the face shield and escape in the opposite direction (some face shields prevent this, but not all).

Hope this helps,

On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 4:54 PM Jason Pierce <jrpierc2 at uncg.edu<mailto:jrpierc2 at uncg.edu>> wrote:

Hello colleagues,

The fall semester starts here next week with many provisions in place for mitigating COVID-19 transmission in in-person settings.

Never having taught wearing a face covering, I am wondering how well students will be able to hear/understand me and would like to know what others have experienced if they have been down this road already.

For reference, we will be provided cloth masks, face shields, and, to the best of my knowledge, microphones.  Also, I will be teaching in rooms that have 30 or so students spread around spaces that would accommodate 60 to 80 under pre-pandemic circumstances.

Any input you have regarding what seems to work best for to ensuring clear communication would be welcome.

Thank you in advance,


Jason R. Pierce, PhD

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University of North Carolina Greensboro


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