[MOBTS-L] Data Collection for Instructional Intervention Targeted for JME

Jason Pierce jrpierc2 at uncg.edu
Mon Aug 17 15:11:45 MDT 2020

Dear Colleagues,


I hope this note finds you well and write about publishing instructional
interventions at JME. 


My understanding is that to qualify for consideration, projects must include
primary data demonstrating the impact of the intervention.*  Till now, I
have run my intervention several times, had it written up, and gotten
encouraging feedback from colleagues without any data being collected yet. 


Now that the new term presents me the opportunity to collect some, I want to
make sure I go about collecting the type of data that would give the paper
its best shot at JME. Specifically, I am wondering the following:


*	What general things should I measure?   That is what are some things
that authors exclude that hurts their chances?
*	How important is it to get pre data in addition to post data?
(obviously want to move fast if this could be a dealbreaker)
*	What other recommendations would those experienced with publishing
or reviewing instructional interventions make to someone new to this context
like me?


Thank you in advance for your input and suggestions.


Kind regards,



*The intervention is a semester long exercise that provides a realistic
context for students to experience the concepts we discuss in class play out
first hand. Two of the three major evaluations in the course concern this


Jason R. Pierce, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management

University of North Carolina Greensboro


 <mailto:jrpierc2 at uncg.edu> jrpierc2 at uncg.edu 

404-729-7811 (cell)


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