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Hi Steven,


Responses below. I will be teaching two online MBA classes for Daemen
College, Buffalo, NY, this spring semester. I've taught online for Daemen
College since 2014.



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Hello all, 


I hope you've all wrapped up a successful term/semester going into the


I am wondering if you could answer the following questions if you teach MBA
classes online (not just org behav, any MBA):


1.	Do you use pre-recorded lectures? If so, how long are they on

a.	Yes. I try to keep recorded lectures under 30 minutes. On occasion,
a lecture runs to 40 minutes, but the recordings are 20-25 minutes on


2.	if you don't use pre-recorded lectures, what do you do instead?

a.	The classes are "flipped," meaning that the lectures support the
reading assignments and the course-long team projects, but we have live
synchronous classes during the regularly scheduled class times. During the
synchronous classes, we hold discussions related to the reading, lectures,
and projects, and we hold team breakout sessions.


3.	do you use discussion boards or live discussion with students?

a.	Yes to both. We use discussion boards during some weeks to get the
students to reflect on their reading and projects, and to get them engaged
with each other. As indicated in #2 above, we also hold live discussions in
plenary session and in smaller team breakout sessions.


4.	Do you try to recreate your in-class exercises online or do you have
other equivalent activities to meet your learning objectives.

a.	In some cases, such as a classroom roleplay, I have succeeded in
moving the activity online. The online versions seem to work better, with
the intensity of interaction higher in the online setting. We also benefit
from recording the online roleplay, so the students can return to the
recording when they are writing reflective papers.
b.	Other activities don't work online, so I've had to replace some


Thanks, Steve 


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