[MOBTS-L] Changes to MOBTS Discussion List & Conference Registration Note

Brandon Taylor Charpied brandon at mobts.org
Mon May 25 20:43:41 MDT 2020

Good evening, friends!


As some of you may have been aware in utilizing the MOBTS-L list through our
ListServ system, the software has been spotty for some time now. Without
going into too much tech detail, we are [at the very least] pausing our
usage of L-Soft's ListServ software and migrating toward an older, more
stable system call GNU MailMan. In many ways MailMan is a step up from
ListServ. Just like LS, it is a graphic interface and not syntax driven, so
if you ever desire to unsubscribe or subscribe with another email address,
you can do so from our Recourses links at MOBTS.org.


All this really means for you all is that the email address you will send to
in order to reach fellow discussion list subscribers has changed ever so


Until we notify the list of otherwise, please address emails to
MOBTS-L at mobts.org <mailto:MOBTS-L at mobts.org>  (the only difference here is
the removal of the "lists." Prefix after the @.) 


I do apologize for any frustrations that have been caused with our
struggling ListServ software. We will absolutely continue to work toward
finding the best solution(s) to keep our discussions going, though the new
MailMan system may in fact be that. I do kindly ask for patience on such
until after the close of vMOBTS as all of our focus and resources are
currently dedicated toward putting on the best virtual experience we
possibly can.


Please note the reminder below regarding registering for vMOBTS in order to
receive the customary conference t-shirt. Please have all registrations
complete by noon tomorrow as that is when orders will be placed.





Today is the last day to register for Virtual MOBTS and still receive the
customary t-shirt. Extra t-shirts will not be ordered given that this
conference is virtual. T-Shirts will be ordered midday Tuesday, May 26th
thus numbers will not be able to be adjusted. All t-shirts will be shipped
to those that register for one.


To register for Virtual MOBTS sponsored by Purdue University Fort Wayne,
please click here <https://form.jotform.com/200806914948058> .


We look forward to [virtually] seeing you next month!



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