[MOBTS-L] Current Wisdom on Employee Recognition and Reward Programs?

Jason Pierce jrpierc2 at uncg.edu
Mon Apr 26 07:20:15 MDT 2021

Dear Colleagues,


A potential corporate partner for my management students recently asked
about the best practices for implementing employee reward and recognition
programs are. I felt insufficiently informed to answer this question so I
write to you in search of any insights or referrals that you may offer to
address it.


Content from OB course tells me that both over and under use of monetary
incentives can be problematic. Apart from that very general understanding, I
am unsure what the current wisdom is about finding the right balance between
the various ways managers can encourage outstanding contributions (e.g.,
instrumental incentives, praise, promotions, public recognition, etc.). 


Any guidance you could offer would be most welcome. 


Thank you in advance,

Jason Pierce


Ps. I also posted this question to the HR list. 


Jason R. Pierce, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management

University of North Carolina Greensboro


Incoming Associate Editor, Business & Society Review

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