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48th Annual Conference

Virtual Conference

Call for Papers 2021

Submission Deadline is Monday, February 15th, 2021

Conference Dates: June 16 - 19, 2021


View the Submission Guidelines
<https://mobts.org/index.php/mobts-guidelines/>   |  Submit Your Session


Program Chair: Kenneth Mullane, Salem State University


Tradition Meets Technology: Finding Ways Forward


Advancements in technology define our past and continue to shape our present
and future.  As a microcosm of society, the management classroom is not
immune to technology's influence.  From the introduction of learning
management systems (e.g., Blackboard or Canvas) to e-books and polling
software, the trend towards "modernizing" the classroom has been ongoing and
omnipresent.  This past year, however, the opportunity and allure of using
technology as a tool to teach was replaced with anxiety and apprehension as
our traditional classrooms were suddenly and unavoidably replaced with the
virtual classroom.  While we (and our students) were fortunate that
communication technologies, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, enabled us to
continue teaching, our newfound reliance purely on technology to teach and
communicate has left many of us in unchartered waters.


As we continue to find our footing, it's important to remember that "you
can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails."  In that spirit,
vMOBTS 2021 represents a unique opportunity for us to come together to make
adjustments and find ways forward by capitalizing on our new tech-savvy
skills.  And yet, as we move forward, it is equally important to remain
connected to our past, and therefore to devise ways to leverage technology
to adapt traditional teaching methods/assignments for the virtual classroom
and continuously improve our effectiveness in this new landscape.


Thus, the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS)
invites proposals for the upcoming 2021 virtual conference.  We will
continue our tradition of interactive and experiential sessions and
encourage you to submit your proposals that share best practices in
management education, encourage discussion and dialogue of relevant issues
in management education, and/or facilitate effective teaching and learning.
These can be in the form of interactive exercises or cases on a specific
topic, round table discussion sessions that encourage dialogue about an
issue in management education, or presentations of best practices in
management education.


We are not asking that all proposals explicitly articulate a connection to
the conference theme of Tradition Meets Technology; we simply want
participants to focus on engaging in interactive dialogue that promotes
effective practices in management education. However, we do encourage
participants to consider submitting proposals that do purposefully address
the theme which we hope will result in a track of themed sessions at the
conference. For example, Tradition Meets Technology submissions may include
sessions that do the following:


*	Demonstrate how technology has enabled you to try new things in the
*	Provide best practices for rethinking traditional assignments and/or
updating in-person activities for the virtual classroom (i.e., merge the old
with the new)
*	Consider what teaching modalities, activities, and assignments our
students will expect and/or prefer moving forward
*	Identify new technological tools or ways to facilitate and assess
student engagement
*	Discuss emerging opportunities for adapting course/syllabus design
for the virtual classroom



Following vMOBTS 2020 feedback, there will be no 30-minute sessions
scheduled. All Experiential Sessions, Roundtables, and Cases should be
submitted and prepared as 60-minute sessions. PDWs, Panels, and Symposia may
opt for 60- or 90-minute sessions.


All submissions are blind reviewed.



Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society

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