[MOBTS-L] Request for HR Syllabus

Bahareh Javadizadeh Bahareh.Javadizadeh at indstate.edu
Mon Mar 29 09:25:03 MDT 2021

Hello MOBTS friends,

My colleague and I are conducting a pedagogy research through which we plan to survey the current syllabi for "Intro to Human Resource Management" courses.  If you've taught this or a similar class before and would be willing to share your syllabus, we would love to review it. We are interested in getting a general idea of the course design, the textbook used for the course, and the covered topics. If you have either taught "Intro to HR" or a similar course in the past, currently teaching it, or plan to teach it sometime in the nearest future and have a syllabus at the moment, I would truly appreciate getting an electronic copy of your syllabus emailed to me at bahareh.javadizadeh at indstate.edu. Thank you for your consideration!

Warm Regards,


Bahareh Javadizadeh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Management

Scott College of Business

Indiana State University

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