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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Innovating and Collaborating in Business Education for a Sustainable/Flourishing/Regenerating World

Transforming business education, sustainability, collaborative innovation

Please join speakers from a bunch of business schools actively innovating and collaborating as they each transform their entire business curricula and some of the school’s research to become fully aligned with the need for a sustainable world – and are doing so in just three years. They will share what they are doing, bumps in the road they are experiencing, results, and plans for next steps. They humbly (Schein, 2015, etc.) seek your ideas, reports on what your school is doing, and your support. They also hope to inspire you to join this current initiative and a future, larger, one to transform all business education and all business practice around the world.

James A.F. Stoner
Fordham Universty
United States

James Weichert
Owner, Rasmus Holdings LLC
United States

Morgane Fritz
La Rochelle Business School

Linda Irwin
Regis University
United States

Ken Sagendorf
Regis University
United States


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