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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Fellows Session: Casting Practice in a Co-starring Role with Theory

Casting has two meanings for this session. It is to advocate for moving practice from a supporting role to theory; balancing thought and dialogue in Management teaching and scholarship. The other is showcasing a potent, educative, sort of casting – podcasting. Casting fresh-made thoughts out to where anyone in the world can listen and comment. Come and be recorded “live”, adding your voice with those of veteran management educators Peter Vaill and Dave Fearon, on the question of a co-starring role for Practice.

Since the 2019 MOBTC Fellows session introducing their collaboration to probe the intriguing, overlooked nature of practice (of all sorts), Dave and Peter are stretching 50+ year OB teaching practices by becoming podcasters about practice. Transcending conventional publishing formats, they join thousands of practitioners of this globally ubiquitous new mode of lively conversation. Hear what they are learning about practice, podcasting, guest practitioners, and each other (

David Fearon
Central Connecticut State University
United States

Peter Vaill
Antioch University
United States


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