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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Working Remote: Keeping your Department Close during a time of Distance

Faculty Engagement, Remote Work, Collegiality

Admit it—maintaining collegiality among our departments is difficult. As our office-mates work from home more, and spend time in the office less, it feels as if the “stickiness” that once kept departments moving in the same direction is becoming more difficult to achieve. With many different personalities and motivations, maintaining a mutually respectful and helpful environment within our departments can be a big (and arduous) task. Adding to that our new virtual lives and physical distance, and maintaining connection between and among department members becomes even harder. As faculty’s work becomes more intimately based on remote learning, many of have begun to feel disconnected—and disenfranchised.

Marcia Hagen
Metropolitan State University COM
United States

Carol Bormann Young
Metropolitan State University
United States

Denise Williams
Metropolitan State University
United States


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