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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Past, present and future: How do we crack the pressures of academic leadership in the post Covid19 landscape?

Higher education is at the forefront of management and leadership however there is a gap for academic leaders in support for professional development. In 2016, we (facilitators of the round table) connected through a program leaders workshop hosted by our institution. From this connection a collaborative and innovative approach was taken with our peers in developing action learning to encourage professional development. During this work, we saw a need to support female leadership although this is not a gender exclusive approach. The purpose of this round table discussion is to share experiences from the past and to envision how we can break down barriers and stay true to ourselves in working towards our goals in HE post Covid19. After reflecting on our academic leadership journey, the aim of the round table is to share, connect and create pathways forward through action learning as an effective way to sustain professional development.

Heather Stewart
Griffith University

Deborah Delaney
University of Tasmania


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