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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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Improving Negotiation Skills-Based Learning Online: A Roundtable Session

This roundtable session was created as an opportunity for instructors of negotiation who are either currently teaching negotiations online, or have been tasked with converting their courses to an online format, to engage in discussions and share best practices regarding teaching negotiations in either a fully online or hybrid format. Participants will leave the session with new ideas and resources (syllabi, exercises, assignments, etc.) regarding how to improve negotiations skills-based learning in an online setting. Perhaps most importantly, we hope to create a community of educators with interest in this topic an ongoing means to share best practices.

Susan Dustin
Illinois State University
United States

Mary Sue Love
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
United States

Suzanne De Janasz
George Mason University
United States

Beverly De Marr
Ferris State University
United States


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