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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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The Paradoxical Tensions of Young Teachers

Young Teachers Paradoxes Diversity

Junior faculty and doctoral students often face challenges specific to a lack of experience in the classroom. These challenges are amplified when instructors look young and face a perceived lack of legitimacy in both area expertise and practical experience. However, extant literature offers little guidance to younger looking faculty hoping to successfully navigate their early years of academia in the classroom. To help address the gap, this roundtable discussion introduces the paradoxes these young teachers face in the early years of teaching. Through sharing stories and experiences, we aim to discuss the benefits and the challenges of young teachers.

Chantal van Esch
Cal Poly Pomona
United States

Robert Bonner
San Francisco State University
United States

Brittany Buis
University of Illinois Chicago
United States

Yifeng Fan
Georgia Institute of Technology
United States


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