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Virtual MOBTS 2020

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The Persistent Questions of a Calling and Career: Mentoring as Innovation and Collaboration: Insights from the Across the Academic Career

: Mentoring, Junior Faculty, Professional Development Symposium

This proposed Professional Development Symposium, designed for faculty from all career stages, junior through emeritus, will discuss the “How, and Why?” of mentoring. Mentoring is a neglected topic role that is seldom, if ever, part of PhD studies or a faculty orientation program. This is ironic given that mentoring of students, at any point of their education, as well as peers and others, is a basic form of teaching, and is often one the most fulfilling activities of being a faculty member. Junior faculty are generally new to mentoring both as a mentee and or mentor.

E. James Flynn
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
United States

Charles Fornaciari
School of Business, La Salle University
United States

Thomas Hawk
College of Business, Frostburg State University
United States

Jennifer Leight
School of Business and Leadership, Nazareth College
United States

Francis Daniel
Belmont University
United States

Sarah Woodside
Richard j. Whehle Canisius College
United States

Dale Rude
C. T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston
United States


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