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MOBTS 2022

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Winning the struggle for the soul of business education

Keywords: transforming research, transforming teaching, MacArthur Foundation

Abstract: Please join this action-focused roundtable on what you can do to help win the “struggle for the soul of business education.” Speakers and audience will share their past/current/future actions to stop teaching and researching business-as-usual and to mobilize their own and other business schools to deal with at least four of “our species’ five great 21st Century challenges”. Participants are invited to join initiatives to transform business education and an application to a 2023 $100 million MacArthur Foundation 100&change competition to do so. “Rapid-prototyping action-research” and transforming core courses in all business disciplines will be reported and emphasized.

Morgane Fritz, Excelia Business School (France)

Julita Haber, Fordham.University (United States)

Linda Irwin, Seecomm Group (United States)

Kenneth Sagendorf, Regis University (United States)

James Stoner, Fordham University and (United States)

James Weichert, RCN (United States)


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