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Thin Slices: The Art & Science of Conversation

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Participants and facilitators will collectively explore the role of conversation in leadership development in undergraduate and graduate classroom settings. This session is an inquiry into how each of us can make a difference with our presence. Conversation, even in its most pedestrian forms, offers rich opportunities for those interested in gaining a better understanding of the impact of their presence and experimenting with leadership behaviors. Additionally, this session will explore how we as faculty use conversation in both formal and informal ways throughout the design and delivery of our courses, including how we can be more aware of our own conversation behaviors, as well as how we can use conversation as an effective learning and developmental tool with our students. In the seminar, we will explore conversation as means of data gathering about one’s impact and presence through a variety of Gestalt exercises and practicums, reflection, and discussions.


Linda Robson    
Gestalt OSD Center / School of Business Admin, Kent State University
United Kingdom

Tracey Messer    
Shidler School of Business, University of Hawaii
United States


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