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Papers Proceedings

22 Activating anchors: Using popular culture to further integrate liberal arts and management education
Nicholas D. Rhew, Micheal T. Stratton

12 An evaluative case study of a career coaching approach to improving student placement success in a UK Business School
Rebecca Jones, Holly Andrews

17 Archiving elevated aspirations: The Living Document as a tool facilitating deeper and lasting learning.
Brendan Bannister

36 Building Cultural Competence in the Next Generation of Responsible Leaders:Strategies for Management Educators
Deborah Pembleton

19 Developing Global Curiosity in the Study of Management
Brent Opall

8 Discomfort as andragogy: Elevating critical thinking in leaders
Olenda Johnson, John Meyer

14 Educate, Entertain, and Energize your classes with JeopHRdy
Pramila Rao

20 Elevating the Stakes in Teaching Teamwork: Writing a Book as a Class
Alexander Bolinger

6 Encouraging student learning through partnerships with nonprofit organizations: Team projects
Justina Oliveira

2 From Business Undergraduates to Global Citizens: the challenges for academics
Tina Bass, Neil Pyper

24 From Westeros to Madison Avenue: Teaching Management Concepts using Fictional Worlds and Character Arcs.
Rose Hair

9 How do we get students to look past the here and now?
Christina Langwell McCurley

18 How to stimulate students’ interests with learning and applying business ethics together with social responsibilities in the Asian context.
Po Kei Patricia NG, Kwan Yu Yeung

5 I Want to be a Better Teacher – But I Don’t Know How
Tim Peterson, Claudette Peterson

27 If you like IOBTC, think about coming to next year’s OBTC in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in June, 2017: Two quick samples of what you might expect and guidance on how to write a successful proposal.
Joe Seltzer, Kathleen Kane

10 Leadership as if the Planet Mattered: What Skills Will Help Future Leaders Address Climate Change?
Rae Andre

38 Meet the Journal Editors
Kathy Lund Dean, Jeanie Forray, Kathi Lovelace, Dirk Moosmayer, Paul Hibbert

7 Navigating the Unknown: Cultural Comparison Negotiations Role Play
Karen Stock

30 Reinforcing Deep Listening & Team Building Skills through Improv
Sridevi Shivarajan, Tammi Redd

31 Responsible internationalisation of management education: international students as future global citizens
Tatiana Gladkikh

4 Sex, Religion, Racism, Oh My! Appropriately Watching ‘The Office’ Inappropriate Humor in the Classroom
Terry Nelson

37 Sustainability-theme based capstone project to engage students in deep critical thinking in Business Strategy course
Mousumi Bhattacharya

26 Teaching and learning about diversity through video
Suzanne de Janasz, Maury Peiperl

1 The challenge and promise of experiential pedagogies in high-enrolment management classes
Kathy Lund Dean, Sarah Wright

35 Thin Slices: The Art & Science of Conversation
Linda Robson, Tracey Messer

16 Using Storyboard in Teaching Business Leadership
Yuanyuan Gong, Irene, Hau-siu Chow

25 What’s So Funny? Using International Comedy to teach International Organizational Behavior Concepts
Deborah Pembleton

23 You’ve got the music in you: Elevating the teaching process by connecting music and management
Maury Peiperl, Suzanne de Janasz


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