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MOBTS 2019

At-a-Glance Program

Monday, 3 June
6:00pm – 8:00pmBoard of Directors Dinner (Board Only) (Roxanne's Brick Oven Bar & Grill)
Tuesday, 4 June
7:15am – 8:30amBreakfast (Pre-Conference Only) (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
8:30am – 5:00pmMOBTS Board Meeting (Board Members Only) (ASB 522)
12:15pm – 1:30pmLunch (Pre-Conference Only) (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
3:00pm – 5:00pmEarly Educator Institute Opening (ASB 230)
 Doctoral Institute Opening (The Green House)
5:00pm – 5:45pmBoard, DI, and EEI Meet & Greet Reception (Restricted) (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
6:00pm – 8:00pmEarly Educator Institute Dinner (EEI Only) (Brady's at the Station)
 Doctoral Institute Dinner (DI Only) (Mahwah Bar & Grill)
 Board of Directors Dinner (Board Only) (The Shannon Rose)
Wednesday, 5 June
7:15am – 8:30amBreakfast (Pre-Conference Only) (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
8:00am – 11:45pmConference Registration & Check-in (Bischoff Hall Lounge)
8:30am – 5:00pmEarly Educator Institute Pre-Conference Workshop (ASB 230)
 Doctoral Institute Pre-Conference Workshop (The Green House)
9:00am – 12:00pmJournal of Management Education Associate Editors Meeting (ASB 322)
 Management Teaching Review Associate Editors Meeting (ASB 323)
12:00pm – 4:00pmFellows Meeting (ASB 322)
12:15pm – 1:30pmLunch (Pre-Conference Only) (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
5:00pm – 6:30pmStart of General Conference
 Welcoming BBQ & Opening Ceremony (The Bandshell Lawn)
6:30pm – 7:00pmNewcomers Session (The Bandshell Lawn)
7:00pm – 10:00pmJim's Place (The Game Room in the Bradley Center)
Thursday, 6 June
7:15am – 8:30amBreakfast (Birch Tree Inn | Scott Student Center)
8:30am – 9:00amModeling Empathy through Role Play: A Classroom Exercise to Deconstruct the Privileged and the Other (ASB 220)
 Team Reflection Exercise (ASB 221)
 Stand or Sit: Facilitating class discussions in larger, lower-level courses (ASB 230)
 Reacting to the Past in the Management Classroom (ASB 321)
 Change Agents and Story Crafting: Reimagining Class Presentations (ASB 323)
 Learning through Experience: How to Provide your Students with Hands-On Networking Experience while Creating a Better Classroom (ASB 327)
 Creating Positive Social and Economic Change With Ice Cream (ASB 328)
 Cost of Living Exercise (ASB 332)
9:15am – 10:45amLearning the Power of Cooperative Organization through Play (ASB 220)
 Gather around the “Video-Clip Campfire” and share your best teaching video clips (ASB 221)
 Seventh Generation Entrepreneurship - An Experiential Class Activity (ASB 230)
 Ambidexterity and Evidence-Based Management Practice: Cases from Major League Baseball (MLB) (ASB 321)
 Classroom as Organization: A new model and an exercise in peer-to-peer feedback (ASB 322)
 Making assessment prospective, rather than retrospective (ASB 327)
 Increasing Happiness: Using VIA Character Strengths for Positive Change in Management Development (ASB 328)
 Learning How to Build a Safe and Effective Culture in Your Classroom (ASB 332)
 What’s Your Brand? An exercise for identifying, communicating, and developing a leadership brand (ASB 522)
 The C's of Great Leadership (G130)
 Brick by Brick: Using LEGO® Serious Play® to Teach ‘Change Leadership’ (G238)
10:45am – 11:15amRefreshment Break (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
11:15am – 12:15pmRoundtable Sessions
 Students and Teachers as Agents of Positive Change. Can Cooperative Inquiry enable learning for both? (ASB 230)
 What could go wrong? Ethical challenges in experiential teaching and learning (ASB 321)
 Whose Classroom is It Anyway? Learning through Improv (ASB 322)
 Round Table on Teaching Strategy to Undergraduates (ASB 323)
 Teaching management, leadership, organizational behavior and ethics through the use film and video (ASB 327)
 Building Character and Courage: Using the VIA Character Strengths assessment and journaling to develop character development in an undergraduate business elective (ASB 332)
 What Is the Best Way to Structure a Blended Learning Course in Management? (ASB 522)
 Thinking About Critical Thinking (G130)
 Teaching Skepticism for Positive Change, Roundtable on Information Literacy (G238)
12:15pm – 1:30pmLunch (Birch Tree Inn | Scott Student Center)
1:45pm – 3:15pmThe Walls Project: Making Management Relevant by Rethinking Disciplinary Boundaries (ASB 220)
 Fellows Session: On Practice as a Way of Being (ASB 221)
 Sketchnoting for Critical Thinking and Learning (ASB 230)
 Everything Old is New Again: Teaching and Learning through Twelve Angry Men (ASB 321)
 The Perpetual Questions of a Management Faculty Career: How to Manage the “Service” Responsibilities (ASB 323)
 Mindfulness Skills for Leadership Development (ASB 327)
 Not Just a Sea of Faces: A Template for Providing a Meaningful Team Experience in a Large Lecture Course and an Opportunity to Explore the Topic of Student Engagement in Large Courses (ASB 332)
 Expanding the Pie: Negotiating in Academia (ASB 522)
3:30pm – 4:00pmImmediate Feedback Assessment Technique: Team Tests?! Scratch-off Scantrons?! What?! (ASB 220)
 Deal With It: An Ambiguity Assignment for Real-world Projects (ASB 221)
 Engagement Challenge – Tapping into Intrinsic Motivation (ASB 230)
 HR Competencies and University Curricula Alignment (ASB 321)
 Presenting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Scavenger hunt to the rescue (ASB 322)
 Will You do the Group Project with Me? Speed Dating as a Tool for Team Formation (ASB 323)
 Using Protocols and Problem Based Learning approach for teaching effectiveness in Analytical Courses Group Activities (ASB 327)
 Bringing Management Lessons to Life with Investment Simulations (ASB 328)
4:00pm – 4:30pmRefreshment Break (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
4:30pm – 5:30pm2020 International & Domestic Conferences Preview & Discussion (ASB 220)
 Experiential Fire: Passing the Torch (ASB 221)
 A Model for Embedding Career Activities in Multiple Core Business Courses (ASB 230)
 Navigating the leadership jungle: Using the Leadership Buffet Exercise to help students develop and articulate an individual leadership philosophy (ASB 321)
 Identifying Conceptual Blocks to Creative Problem Solving Via the Newspaper Industry (ASB 322)
 Food-waste measurement experiential exercise to reinforce dual CSR and operations management learning outcomes (ASB 323)
 Strengths into Action: Alumni Strengths-Based Leadership Memo Exercise (ASB 327)
 Star Reward System to Encourage Student Participation and Effective Participation Assessment (ASB 328)
 Deliberate Dialogue: Discussion of Business & Society (ASB 332)
 Teaching Research Skills using True Crime Investigations (ASB 522)
 "Power of the Pitch": The Real Valuable You in 60 Seconds or Less (G130)
 Thinking About How We Think: Metacognition in the Classroom (G238)
6:00pm – 8:00pmThursday Night Event (Friend's Hall)
8:00pm – 11:00pmJim's Place (Friend's Hall)
Friday, 7 June
7:00am – 7:45amStarting the Day Right: Run or Walk with your fellow MOBTSers (Bischoff Hall Lobby)
7:15am – 8:30amBreakfast (Birch Tree Inn | Scott Student Center)
8:30am – 9:30amRoundtable Sessions
 Mastering the Craft of Teaching: A Conversation with . . . . (ASB 220)
 Let's Plan a Multi-University Excursion for our Students! (ASB 221)
 We are Falling Behind: Fostering a Digital Mindset and Tech Fluency Among Business Students (and Educators) (ASB 230)
 Discussing How to Create a “Sense of Place” and Real World Connections in the Online Classroom through Alumni Videos and Other Methods (ASB 321)
 The Power of Storytelling: Creating and Curating Stories for Deeper Learning and Higher Engagement (ASB 322)
 Tricks and Traps of Teaching Leadership (ASB 323)
 Developing Students as Process Consultants: Cross-course Student Team Facilitation as “Service” and “Praxis” Learning (ASB 327)
 Changed for Good: Investigating How Students Become Agents of Change through Service-Learning Experiences (ASB 328)
 “From Pipelines to Platforms”: Examining the Benefits and Limitations of Management Education Platforms for Institutionalized Shift (ASB 332)
 The Context IS the Case: When Inmates and Business Majors Study Teams in Prison (ASB 522)
 Teamwork Perceptions: Student vs Faculty (G130)
 Have You Flipped Out…Don’t Flip Your Classroom: Self Directed Learning Curriculum Design in Your Online Classroom (G238)
9:45am – 10:45amBradford Award Session (ASB 220)
 Application Presentations: An Exercise to Facilitate Student Learning Through Implementation (ASB 221)
 Win, Lose, or Collaborate: Revisiting Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Handling Modes Using Competition Based Learning (ASB 230)
 Using Design Thinking to Emphasize Empathy (ASB 321)
 Using The New Yorker Cartoons to Stimulate Creative Group Problem-Solving (ASB 322)
 Transparent and Data Driven Team Formation for Class Projects (ASB 323)
 Can We Exercise Our Way To Creativity? (ASB 327)
 Bringing Relevant Projects to Management Information Systems - Student Learning Exercises (ASB 328)
 What’s for Dinner? An Interactive Activity to Highlight Differences Between Rational Decision-making Models and Realistic Decision-making (ASB 332)
 Student Teams Consulting to Peers: Improving Team Effectiveness by Receiving Help – and Giving It (ASB 522)
 Edmodo: Enhancing Online Discussion (G130)
 Leveraging Connections, A Global Leadership Experience (G238)
10:45am – 11:15amRefreshment Break (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
11:15am – 12:15pmThe Glass Elevator: A Motivated Empathic Approach to Developing an Elevator Pitch (ASB 220)
 Assessing the Assessment Center: Measuring Student Success and Reactions (ASB 221)
 ‘Ripped from the Headlines:’ Re-imagining Case Study Methodology to Increase Student Engagement and Target Soft Skills (ASB 230)
 Accessible Syllabus Design – Converting your Syllabus to Improve Learning (ASB 321)
 Mid-Career & Senior Faculty Consortium (ASB 322)
 Let’s Design PowerPoint Presentations for Students’ Learning Styles! (ASB 323)
 Accessing the Vision Within: Creative Visualization Experience in an Active Learning Framework (ASB 327)
 Helping students connect creatively and critically with academic literature (ASB 328)
 Nurturing Mutual Respect: Civility Intervention in the Classroom (ASB 332)
 Leadership Lessons: Real-time feedback loops (ASB 522)
 A Tool for the Agents of Change (G130)
 It’s All in the Cards: Carbon Literacy Training--Positive or Dystopic Futures? (G238)
12:15pm – 1:30pmLunch (Birch Tree Inn | Scott Student Center)
1:45pm – 3:15pmWhen Students Become Leaders: Building Confidence & Courage in the Classroom (ASB 220)
 Leadership Development Education focused on helping Young Adults Find their Purpose (ASB 221)
 Global Strategies for Teaching International students (ASB 230)
 Speed-Presenting: An Alternative to the Agony of Traditional Group Presentations (ASB 321)
 Meet the Editors – How Excellent Reviewing Helps You Manage Your R&R (ASB 322)
 Harnessing humility to avoid getting burned when the experiential fire becomes a garbage fire (ASB 323)
 Coaching Students to Coach (ASB 327)
 Character Strengths: Using Who You Are for Leading Change (G130)
 Beyond the Self: The Journey of Empathic Experience (G238)
3:15pm – 3:45pmRefreshment Break (ASB 2nd Floor Lounge)
3:45pm – 4:45pmOne for One Global Ethics Exercise (ASB 220)
 Leading for the Planet: What It Is and How to Teach It (ASB 221)
 Your Syllabus as a means for Positive Change in the Classroom (ASB 230)
 Is The Good Place in Your Classroom? Having a Doctor of Ethics and Moral Philosophy Come Teach Your Management Ethics Classes (#SpoilerAlert) (ASB 321)
 Best Practices for Work-Life Policies (ASB 322)
 Going to the Dark Side: Thinking About Taking On Administrative Roles in Today’s Dynamic Higher Education Arena (ASB 323)
 Delivering Bad News: An Intercultural Management Communication Activity (ASB 327)
 The Good Game (ASB 328)
 No Pat Answers: A Role Play to Challenge Managerial Assumptions (ASB 332)
 Writing a Progressive Case to Enhance Student Learning (ASB 522)
 The Roots of Anxiety: A Proposed Study Using A Neurophysiological Perspective (G130)
5:30pm – 7:30pmAwards Banquet (Bradley Center Auxiliary Gym)
7:30pm – 11:00pmJim's Place & Talent Show (The Game Room in the Bradley Center)
Saturday, 8 June
7:15am – 8:30amBreakfast (Birch Tree Inn | Scott Student Center)
8:30am – 9:30amDoctoral Institute Presentation (Pavilion 1)
9:45am – 10:45am“We Are Seahorses”: A Classroom Thought Experiment in Perspective Taking and Perspective Getting (ASB 220)
 Identifying and using student learning motivations as a tool for course delivery management (ASB 221)
 Using Peer Observations for Learning (ASB 230)
 Cascading Teaching Model for Teaching Leadership in Large Online Class (ASB 321)
 A Library…What’s that? Information Literacy & Giving Students Life-long Research Skills (ASB 322)
 Empowering Students With Real World Experience: Training Others During Community Events (ASB 323)
 Application of Visual Mapping in a Range of Learning Contexts (ASB 327)
 Manufacturing Happiness (ASB 328)
 Using the World Café Approach for Class Discussion Participation and Engagement (ASB 522)
 Experiential Learning Theory & Gestalt Cycle of Experience Walk Into a Management Classroom (G130)
 Using Team Assignments to Teach Team Skills (G238)
11:00am – 12:00pmMOBTS Annual Business Meeting (Pavilion 1)
 To-Go Lunch (Pavilion Lobby)


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