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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Is Passion Necessary For Great Careers?

Abstract: The provocatively titled TEDx Talk, “Why you will fail to have a great career” (TEDx Talks, 2012) has been very useful when we have taught the career development portion of introductory Human Resource Management courses. In this session, the TEDx Talk will be shown in its entirety (15 minutes) followed by an interactive discussion and critical analysis of the premise of the TEDx Talk (i.e., that only those who pursue their passion can have a great career). We will discuss the role that privilege plays in career development as well as other necessary elements in career development other than simply passion for that career. We will also share our experience in using this video to stimulate discussion on career development/planning.

Mark Julien
Brock University

Micheal Stratton
Georgia College & State University
United States

Russell Clayton
University of South Florida
United States


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