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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Bye Bye Millennials, Hello Gen Z: Are You Prepared For The Next Generation of Students?

Millennials have been one of the most discussed generations, affecting the way universities cater to students from recruiting to building design to pedagogy. However, 21 years into the new millennium, the majority of this generation has moved on to the workforce, ushering in a new, lesser understood, yet equally buzzed-about generation— Gen Z. Therefore, the purpose of this session is to help educators understand this new population of students and solidify a teaching plan based on the targeted student’s needs. Whether you are a Millennial yourself, a Gen Z student, or an educator who, regardless of their generation, seeks to understand what generational differences look like in the classroom today, this interactive session will make you rethink your entire teaching pedagogy. Time changes, and so do people; therefore, the way we teach and learn must also change.

Phylicia Taylor
Florida A&M University
United States

Maqueba Massey
Jackson State University
United States

Brittany Buis
University of Illinois at Chicago
United States


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