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Virtual MOBTS 2021

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Virtualness In Classroom-As-Organizations: Problems and Solutions When Using Technology

The Classroom-as-Organization (CAO) is an experiential education approach in which students create, manage, and lead an organization as part of class activities. Given the challenges that the CAO poses to students, it is likely that students conduct part of the CAO work outside of the classroom setting. In this roundtable discussion, we conceptualized the CAO as an organization with a certain degree of virtualness, a construct associated with several negative organizational outcomes. In the session, we will explore tools that CAO instructors might adopt, and discuss problems and solutions associated with the use of technology in a CAO.

Ovidiu C. Cocieru
University of Scranton
United States

Mark A. McDonald
University of Massachusetts Amherst
United States

Matthew C.B. Lyle
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
United States


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