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International MOBTS 2022

International MOBTS 2022 Conference Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-3-4 »

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Developing Critical Thinking Skills: A Mixed Bag of Approaches (roundtable discussion)

Keywords: critical thinking skills, challenges, experiential learning

Abstract: Management educators are preparing students for careers that do not exist yet. Thus, the broad focus should be on developing learning skills such as critical thinking (the Partnership for 21st Century Skills; Batelle for Kids). Demonstrating critical thinking skills represents the highest level of cognitive development, according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning (1956). In this roundtable session, we will discuss the challenges of developing critical thinking skills and share ideas on how to encourage students to practice those skills in various management courses.

Opal Leung, St. Francis Xavier University (Canada)

Mariya Gavrilova Aguilar, University of North Texas (United States)


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