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International MOBTS 2022

International MOBTS 2022 Conference Proceedings - ISBN: 978-1-7346398-3-4 »

Discovering the Case Authors in Our Business Courses: Facilitating Problem-Based Learning Through Business Grand Rounds

Keywords: student-written cases, case learning process, andragogy

Abstract: In this workshop we will explore how to (1) tap our students’ prior and current experiences through student-written cases and (2) facilitate problem-based learning through a structured learning process. Join us to learn how to use Business Grand Rounds, a process for facilitating problem-based learning in a way that increases student ownership and motivates student learning in pursuit of the “best” answer. This workshop is for faculty who looking for no-cost experiential learning that makes efficient use of faculty and student time as well as faculty who are case-curious.

Ken Weidner, Saint Joseph's University (United States)

Elena Lvina, Saint Joseph's University (United States)


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