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International Conference of the Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society

International MOBTS 2018 Proceedings

“Elective Choice” - An exploratory study of the factors that influence undergraduate student elective choice in a ‘General Business’ degree programme.
Caroline O Reilly, Marian McCarthy, Lawrence Dooley

“So What Do You Really Think?”: Using technology to get candid feedback from students
Ravi Shanmugam

A collection of creative end-of-semester projects
Diana Smrt

Achivement Motivation Training for Trainee Readiness
Ashutosh Muduli

Adapting conventional delivery to cope with large cohorts: turning seminars into workshops
Simon Sweeney

Amazon and the contradictions of capitalism: Channelling and challenging ‘best practice’
Brian Harney, Tony Dundon

An Introduction to MOBTS
Brandon Charpied

Baiting the hook for learning: When learning for learning’s sake is not enough. A novice lecturer’s experiences of managing experiential learning in large groups
Edward O'Connor

Best Practices in Teaching Sexual Harassment
Thomas Tudor

Bringing Research into the Classroom: A Teaching Case Study Exercise
Sinéad Ruane, Jeffrey Gauthier

Business Management Simulations and Generative Learning: The Missing Link or Simply a Tool for Teaching Large Classes?
Dónal O'Brien

College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Are our teaching methods up to the task?
Maria Hasenhuttl

Developing Young Responsible Managers Through Whole Person Education
Karen Blakeley, Roz Sunley

Employing Self-Developmental, Peer Coaching in the Classroom
Matthew Eriksen, Sarah Collins, Julian Oakley, Bailey Finocchio

Enhancing large-class teaching through podcasting: A Beginners Guide.
John G. Cullen

Enhancing Student Psychological Flexibility: Evidence-based Exercises for Management Educators
Lisa Brady

Experiential Learning Online: Lost in Translation?
Karen Stock, Linda Robson

Final curtain call: Facilitating course and program endings
Gary Wagenheim, Carolyn Egri

First, Do No Harm: Does the Field of OB Need a Qualification System to Safeguard the Use of Teaching Interventions?
Michael Stevens

From Escape Room to Breakout Box: An Experiential Learning Strategy to Teach Critical Skills
Tim Peterson, Claudette Peterson

Getting off on the right foot: Helping groups of non-traditional students form, storm, and norm
Wendy Cook

Harassment in the Workplace: Still Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
Jeffrey Mello

How can we prepare students for the gig economy?
Brianna Caza, Arran Caza

Humility in the classroom: On questioning the Sage on the Stage Approach
Micheal Stratton, Mark Julien, Russell Clayton, Gary Stark, Nicholas Rhew

I hate starting class with a quiz: So why am I still using them in my flipped hybrid?
Cheryl Clark

Identifying and helping “challenging” students: Quantitative and exploratory qualitative approaches
Joe MacDonagh

Integrating Managerial Skills into the Business Curriculum: Can we Teach Longitudinally?
Otmar Varela, Kety Jauregui

Is the Leadership-as-Practice Approach Teachable?
Joseph Raelin

It’s How You Start: Designing Initial Class Experiences for Lasting Impact
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Kevin Lo

Layering of the Assessment Process: The Path to Improved Attendance, Learning and Engagement
Paul Donovan, Christina O'Connor

Learning by Wandering Around
Clive Holtham, Martin Rich

Learning from Anxiety in the Classroom
Annette Clancy, Brian Melaugh

Learning from Leadership at all Levels: Life Events and Immersive Experiences
Jack McCarthy, Sandra Deacon Carr, Yseult Freeney, Patrick Flood, Brian Harney, Jarlath McHale

Observational Learning of Teams across Industries
Christine Blais, Justina Oliveira

Open Education Resources in Management Education: The What, Why, and How
Miriam Plavin-Masterman, Elizabeth Siler

Opening Minds: Faculty-driven Roleplay
Brendan Bannister

Perfecting the Peer Evaluation Process - I Will Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours!
Jody Tolan

Reaching The Millennial Learner in a Large Class
Adele Smith-Auchmuty

Reinforce Teamwork and Creativity for Cybersecurity in a Classroom Setting: A Team Activity for Building a Strong Cyber Defense using K’Nex®
Linda Christie, Xiang Liu, Diane Murphy

Revisiting a Classic: How to Use Positive and Negative Reinforcement to Demonstrate the Relationship Between Performance and Reward
Kenneth Mullane

Reviving Europe through Student-Centred Learning at the Business School
Volker Rundshagen, Markus Raueiser

Roundtable on Designing an Inclusive Module
Marian Crowley-Henry

Service-Learning Projects: How Might Educator Design The Project and Ensure Positive Experience?
Ekaterina Zagorodnova, Anastasiia Rylova

Student classroom friendships: Their positive and negative impacts, and our responsibilities
Helena Cooper-Thomas, Rachel Morrison

Supporting enthusiasm for career management through coralling, coaching and hindrance minimisation
Jan Green

Teaching Business Models to Students while Engaging Industry through an Experiential Learning Workshop
Geraldine Lavin

Teaching business planning: Issues and challenges
Chiara Bernardi

Teaching Whilst Leading: Why Do University and Business School Leaders also Teach (or not)?
Peter McNamara, Philip Nolan, Alison Hood, Barbara Ritter, Joseph Coughlan

Team Debate Contests as Collaborative Argumentation Training
Erik Jentges, Bastien Girod

Olga Ryazanova, Tatiana Andreeva, Ruifang Wang

The Challenges of Using Multimedia Assignments to Assess Learning Outcomes on an Undergraduate Social Media Module
Roger Sweetman

The Lim-O: An exercise in market failure and vertical integration
Ofer Meilich

The Power of Positive Regard: Revisiting Corrective Performance Feedback with Generation Z Students
Kathi Lovelace, Jane Parent

The Student Subskills Required for Effective Interdisciplinary Learning
Paul Donovan, Alison Hood

Universities failing to produce graduates with employable skills, Really?
Terry Nelson

Using Class Behaviour Modification Assignment to Reduce Lecture Absenteeism among Masters Management Students
Jacob Eisenberg

Using history to teach behaviour
Jamie O'Brien

Using personalized learning software in a large class
Joern Hoppmann, Erik Jentges

Using the Potter Box to Understand Organizational Decision-Making
Rod Carveth

What’s in it for us all? Instructor’s Reflection on the realities of delivering Virtual Cross Cultural Experiences between UK/US students and Irish/US Students
Christina O'Connor, Denise Luethge, Bertie Greer, David Raska

When your key talent becomes… a body double
Emmanuelle Leon, Maral Muratbekova-Touron, Géraldine Galindo

X-Culture International Business Experience & Simulations in the Classroom
Christina Langwell McCurley


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