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Papers Proceedings

14 : Experiential Education: Building Learning Spaces that Unite Educators and Learners
Elizabeth Fisher Turesky, Gerri Light

71 “Getting to Know You – Getting to Know All about You: Using the VALS Psychometric Tool to Improve Classroom and Career Success”
Michael Petrochuk, Julie Szendrey, Trish Berg

76 “That was the best classroom team I’ve even been on!”
Gloria Miller

99 “Uniting in Service” through an Ethic of Care in Teaching and Learning
Jessica Nicholson, Elizabeth Kurucz

69 A Conflict View of Coaching
David Kaplan

48 A Vision on Vision
Maria Alejandra Quijada

88 Adapting Face to Face to On-Line: Credentialing high school teachers to teach dual enrollment.
Sheri Schulte, Erin Makarius

29 All In: Living Our Values in the OB Classroom
Michael London, William Van Buskirk

46 An Experiential Process for Developing a Meaningful Group Service Project Mission While Simultaneously Learning Deeply From the Process
Tammy Hiller

52 An Exploration of Self-Directed Teams in Higher Education
Magdalena Krych, Emmanuel LeGrair, Ryan Hirsch, Susan Kochanowski

62 An Ignatian Perspective to Enrich both Cases and Active Learning towards Leadership Formation
Dennis O'Connor, Daniel Orne

23 Applying the social identity relations model of team performance to the classroom experience: How two instructors use the classroom, rather than teams, as the in-group to create a cohesive environment across diverse individuals
Julie Palmer, Wayne Davis

110 Are we being fair to Introverts in our classes?
Cynthia Krom

31 Assessing Student Outcomes at the Program Level: The RealTest Exercise
Jeanie Forray, Melissa Knott

100 Barnga: A simulation game to help teach cultural diversity in classrooms
Ekundayo Akinlade

131 Beyond the Brain: Incorporating the Senses into the Design...aka "Sense-ful Design Thinking"
Paul Swiercz , Vanessa Kuffner-brandenburg

27 Beyond the Gender Binary: Bringing Transgender Issues into Management Education
Michael Robinson, Chantal van Esch, Diana Bilimoria

105 Bradford Award Session: Learning from Smart People How to Teach
Magid Mazen

13 Buying a Car: An introductory role play for teaching about negotiations
Joe Seltzer

42 By Teaching (Teachers), We Learn
Robert Steinbauer, Nicholas Rhew, Yasanthi Perera, Shawna Chen

124 Celebrating 20 years of a University Human Resources Practicum: Sharing Best Practices
Mark Whitmore, Cathy Dubois, Diane DeRubertis

37 Changing Employers at Mid-Career: Thoughts to Ponder Before Making the Jump
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Charles Fornaciari

111 Co-Creating Globally Inclusive Classrooms
Susan S. Case, Jaye Goosby Smith

2 Connecting and uniting through stories: An interactive session on the use of metaphors (short stories) as an inspiring teaching method
Satinder Dhiman, Joan Marques

32 Designing, Delivering, Assessing, and Re-designing a course on Creativity, Innovation and Leadership
Kristi Tyran, Gary Coombs

109 Developing Creative Confidence and Capacity: Exercises and Practices
Colette Dumas

81 Developing Meaning and Connectivity through “Golden Circles” and Social Networks for Mutual Benefit
Nicole Jackson

61 Discovering and learning to mitigate our primary saboteur’s impact on us effectively being with our students to facilitate their learning
Matthew Eriksen, Kevin Cooper, Laura Nagel

25 Diversity and privilege: An exercise to raise awareness, cooperate, and serve
Linda Dunn-Jensen, Katherine Ryan

113 Diversity Discourse in Management Education
Gwendolyn Whitfield

41 Edutainment: Using Technology to Increase Student Engagement
Erin Makarius

98 Encouraging Team Formation with the Caterpillar Obstacle Course
Roger Woods, Teresa Woods

96 Engaging Adjunct Faculty to Better Serve the Entire Academic Community
Christian Senk, John Kellamis, Valerie Giarrana

38 Engaging Today’s Students: Current Topics 2.0
Kathi Lovelace, Jane Parent

87 Ethics in practice: how a service learning activity can encourage servant leader behaviors.
Curt Beck, Denise Parris

64 Expanding the Pie: Negotiating in Academia
Barbara Ritter, Kathleen Barnes, Gary Coombs, Patricia Hedberg, D. Christopher Kayes, Erika Small, Micheal Stratton

107 Expert Learning: Students Learning Leadership Through Community-Engaged Service
Brittany Harker Martin

17 Gather Around the Experential Fire
George Hrivnak, Amy Kenworthy, Jennifer Leigh, Scott Allen, Janet McCollum, Catherine Barber, Robert Herring, Mariana Lebrón, Kathleen Novak, Terry Nelson, Tim Peterson, Lisa Amoroso

75 Gather around the video campfire and share your best video clips
Robert Marx, Timothy Baldwin

114 Gathering Around the Campfire: A Lyrical Look at Motivation
James Flynn, Patrick Flynn

125 Group Grades: Creating a Classroom Context to Unite
Grace Ann Rosile, Bahareh Javadazideh, Yanni Liang, Ruoqing Zhang, Elmira Shahriari, Hank Strevel, Steve DeGiulio, Mark Walker

35 Imagining Management Education as Projective Test: Insights, Possibilities and Potentialities
thomas r. king, Matthew Eriksen

70 Impact of Course Simulations on the Learning Environment
Brent Opall

22 Incorporating Service Learning Into A Business Law Course
Kimberly O'Connor

129 Integrated Team Milestone Management
Lorin Walker

16 Integrating College and Middle School Leadership Development Programs: An Unexpected Success Story
Terry Nelson

120 Introduction to Research using a “Learning in Parallel” Experiential Design
Ray Luechtefeld

86 Issue-Based Problem Solving: From Management Consulting to the Management Classroom
Jonathan Sims

5 It’s Salsa Time!
Kerri Crowne Brannen

55 Leading Faculty Development for Teaching Quality: The Role of the Chair
Gary Coombs, Patricia Hedberg, Erika Small, Micheal Stratton

47 Learning How to be a Transformational Leader through a Skill-Building, Role-Play Exercise
Maria Hamdani, Sorin Valcea

11 Learning in the Matrix: Enter, Suspend, Reflect, Re-Engage
Chelsea Willness, Vincent Bruni-Bossio

59 Learning is Fun: Enhancing Learning Experience through Gamification
Crystal Han-Huei Tsay

101 Line up by attribute: An interactive way to create student groups
Gary Stark

74 Listening is Essential: An Exercise
Gordon Schmidt

45 Madagascar Energy – A leadership change game
Elizabeth [Beth] Haley

10 Mapping OBTC’s Competitive Advantage: Positioning for the Future
Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Chelsea Willness

79 Master the Craft: Touching Students' Lives Through Our Teaching
Dale Rude, John Stark

89 Meditation and Mindfulness in Management and Organizational Behavior
Kevin Lo

12 Meet the Editors – Incubator Session: Journal of Management Education and Management Teaching Review
Jeanie Forray, Kathy Lund Dean, Kathi Lovelace, Jane Schmidt-Wilk

4 Mid-career and Senior Consortium
Dale Finn, Joe Seltzer, Joan Weiner

7 Mind the Gaps: What Are We Missing in Teaching Management?
Laura Dwyer

90 Mindful Grading: Screencasting to Improve the Student Feedback Process
Roxanne Beard, Robyn A Berkley

133 More Teamwork. More Learning. Less Hassle. How a Web-Based Team Development System Can Change the Way You Teach!
Jay Tombaugh

26 Not Seen and Not Heard: Managing Our Learning Disabilities as Management Educators
Sophie Jane, Chantal van Esch, Diana Bilimoria

112 Ohmmm: Using Mindfulness Techniques in the Classroom
Michael Petrochuk, Philip Kim, Denise Gotchall

104 OMJ: Meet the Editors
Joy Beatty , Barbara A. Ritter, Kerri Crowne Brannen

21 One original post and two follow-ons: An online discussion board roundtable
Therese Sprinkle, Robert Yawson

20 Peer Evaluations utilizing a Balance Scorecard Approach
Matthew VanSchenkhof

39 Planning for a Mid-Career Preconference Workshop for OBTC 2017
Joe Seltzer, Micheal Stratton, Tim Peterson, Kathleen Kane

34 Preparing students for virtual teams - the use of virtual tools in the management classroom
Opal Leung, Barbara Larson, Kenneth Mullane, Harrison Fisher

93 Red Solo Cups: An Illustration of Scalability and Talent to Task
Sue McNamara

3 Reflection as Mutual Service: Learning Through Shared Insight
Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman

95 Research: Experiential Learning Impact on Success after Graduation
Sue McNamara

119 Returning Serve: Creating inclusive college classrooms for veterans and service members
J. Goosby Smith

Alison Dachner, Rosanna Miguel, Rachel Patena

102 Service learning: A primer
Suzanne de Janasz, Vicki Whiting, Kent Fairfield

60 Serving our International Students in Management Education
Barbara Larson

1 Serving Through Community Leadership
Joan Marques, Satinder Dhiman

28 Storytime for Business Students
Tim Peterson, Claudette Peterson, Jon Beard, Carrie Messal, Joy Beatty, Shontarius Aikens, Brandon Charpied, Ashley Lesko, Erika Small

30 SURE: A Four-Step Pedagogy for Transforming Relationships
Lee Bolman, Joan Gallos

63 Teaching Business Ethics: Making it Personal
Amy Taylor-Bianco, Ana Rosado Feger, Mary Tucker

33 Teaching in Learning Groups: The Power of Peer Participation and Evaluation of Performance
Karen Stock

58 Teaching Students about the Working Poor
Timothy Strait

67 Team-Learning Their Way to Unity: It’s All About Personal Information
Julie J.P. Palmer

68 Technology, Meet Pedagogy: Effective and Faculty-friendly Use of Student Response Systems
Mark Cannon, Corbette Doyle , Dayle Savage, Deborah Butler, David Laird

123 The Art & Science of Conversation: Creating Presence and Impact in 5 Minutes or Less
Tracey Messer, Linda Robson

49 The Collegiate Leadership Competition: Updates, Discoveries and Way Too Many Questions..,
Scott Allen, Steve Edelson

122 The Draft: Bringing Data into HRM exercises
Jeanne Holmes, Randall Croom

116 The Effects of Human Resource Management Decisions: An Experiential Exercise
Smriti Anand, Elizabeth Durango-Cohen

80 The Ever-Evolving Organizational Behavior Scavenger Hunt: Lessons Learned (Not Just by Students!)
Joan McMahon

78 The Influence of Principles for Responsible Management Education initiative in Higher Education
Meredith Storey

118 The Integration of Attendance at Outside Professional Organizations into the Management Classroom
Dennis Laker

130 The One Shot is Dead: Uniting Faculty and Librarians for Professional Development
Holly Rick

43 The Power and Challenge of Facilitating Reframing: Applications in Teaching Negotiation
Mark Cannon, Corbette Doyle, Dayle Savage, Deborah Butler

19 The Scaffolded Learning Process for Learning Development
Thomas Hawk, Timothy Peterson, Claudette Peterson

51 The Science, Not the Art: A Social Psychological Approach to Strengthening Management Student Speaking
Beth Polin

94 The Self-Leadership Change Project: Enhanced with Total Quality Tools
Robert Herring, James Phillips

83 The Use of Fishbowls to Improve the Quantity and Quality of Student Contribution
Kelly Grace

57 Time to Put Lewin’s Change Model on Ice: Teaching Organizational Change in a World of Service and Perpetual Motion
Anthony DiBella

53 Toward a Blended Learning Large Lecture: Doing More with Less (Space)
Martin Fogelman

65 Toward Mindful, Self-regulated Learning: Creation of a Learning Academy for Management Students
Beth Polin, Mike Roberson

73 Turning Failure into Success: How Resiliency May be the Key to Lifelong Achievement for Millennials
Carol Pietrasz, Patricia Berg

126 Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): AKA “Making a Difference”
Christine (Chris) Opatrny

36 Understanding Service through a Multi-tiered, Multi-level Framework for Teaching and Applying Culture
Anthony DiBella

18 United We Win
C. Melissa Fender, Beverly DeMarr

24 Uniting Students to Fulfill the Common Goal of Online Reputation Management
Kimberly O'Connor, Gordon Schmidt

84 Use of Personality Assessment as a Class Activity to Integrate and Apply Organizational Behavior Topics
Vicki R. Whiting

97 Using Emergenetics® to form effective student teams and students in high failure rate core courses.
David Brobeck, Steven Edelson

8 Using Lasallian Principles to Educate Students for the Future
Carolyn Predmore, Janet Rovenpor

108 Using Student Self-Filmed Videos to Teach Integrative Negotiation
Monika Renard

44 Using tests in a positive manner to encourage student learning
Charles Fornaciari, Joseph Seltzer, William van Buskirk

72 Using the KASTER Narrative to tell your story: A Reflective Exercise for Providing Verbal Evidence of One’s Professional Qualifications
Dennis Laker

40 Virtual Interview Training
Erin Makarius, Bindiganavale Vijayaraman, Scott Bible

132 What I Wish I Had Known: Lessons Learned
David Bradford, Joan Gallos, Bob Marx, Larry Michelson, Joe Seltzer

85 What Is (Social Science) Theory, with Help from Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time
Nathan Goates

9 What's Your CQ? An Approach to Assessing and Developing Individual Student Cultural Intelligence the AACSB Way
George Smith, Kathleen Barnes, Olivia Hernandez, JoDee LaCasse


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