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OBTC 2017 Proceedings

181 ‘IDEAL’ Meets ‘Real’: Applying Concepts in the Classroom Using Reality TV
Sinéad Ruane, Stacie Chappell

127 "Ripped from the headlines": Problem-based learning through real-time scenarios
Beth Schneider

158 “Airplane of Responsibility: Effective Communication and Crucial Conversations” Exercise: Leaders Influencing Safe, Inclusive Environments Following the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
Mariana Lebron

93 “Fail Often to Succeed Sooner”: Teaching Students to Be Design Thinkers
Allison Butler, Michael A. Roberto, Lori A. Coakley, James C. Segovis

122 “Please take out your phone!”: Students capturing pictures to facilitate engagement
Gregory Berka, Jessie Olien, Miles Moffit

172 “Two birds, one web-enabled device”: Saving faculty time and engaging students through technology.
Jessie Olien, Greg Berka

134 #Oopsism: Communicating Effectively Across Cultures in the 21st Century
Terry Nelson

168 1) Multilayered Skills Assessment: Using video to provide developmental feedback on behavioral, analytical, and self-evaluation skills in a negotiation course
Melissa Manwaring

52 A developmental workshop: Gaining course synthesis through multi-stage deliverables
Therese Sprinkle

162 A Dialogue on Navigating Change: Personal, Professional, Environmental, and Global
Kathleen Kane

198 A Gorgeous Tool for Transformative Learning: Tasting deep reflections on delicious special issues
Magid Mazen

12 A Perfect Storm for Teaching Training & Development: ADDIE, Practice, Project and Alignment All the Way
Sheri Schulte

112 A Performance Feedback Approach for the YouTube Generation
Jason Pierce

33 A Power and Decision Making Simulation: New Wrinkles on a Classic Exercise
Mike Roberson

191 A storm’s a brewin’: engagement in the digital age
Eamonn Lynch

7 A Team-Based Approach to Quantitative Managerial Decision Making
Bradley Ward

13 Action Learning and the Changing Practice of Management
Joseph Raelin

114 After the Flood: forming green shoots by co-designing management learning
Tom Rowledge, Stefan Cantore, Tom Davidson, Mark Gatenby, Stefanos Marangos, Zak Rakrouki

18 An Organizational Structure Game (and BINGO! is its Name-o)
Joan McMahon

11 Applying Appreciative Inquiry to action-learning projects in teaching Organizational Transformation to graduate students.
Sheri Schulte

176 Are We On The Same Page?: Using a Day 1 Questionnaire as a Guide To Develop Positive Student Relationships and an Active Engagement Course Culture
Shontarius Aikens

66 Assessing the Impact of Community Engagement
Tracey Sigler, Kristi Tyran

139 Attacking the Zombie Apocalypse: Teaching Team Building with Gamification
Jessica McGraw, Scott Hammond, John Hammond

91 Being Happy: Happiness Through Mindfulness and Self-Awareness
Kevin Lo

23 Bloopers and Blunders in the Classroom: Learning from our Mistakes
Gary Coombs, James Dowd, Jr., Joe Dobson, Carolyn Egri, Jeffrey Lewis, Anne McCarthy

196 Bradford Award Session | Developing your legacy as a scholar-educator: Visioning and self-reflection
Joseph Garcia

17 Building a College-Wide Experiential Learning Strategy
Vince Bruni-Bossio

116 Building Micro Learning to Support Online Students
Holly Rick

123 Building Undergraduates' Skills to Negotiate Salary in Today's Environment
Susan Dustin, Tina Thompson

101 Business Education Needs Great Literature: Teaching Leadership Through Literature
Jeff Schatten

96 Case Writing Workshop: Creating Customized Learning Tools
Jack Brittain

79 Charting participation: Encouraging, assessing, and rewarding student participation
David Kaplan, Lisa Stickney, Beverly DeMarr, Melissa Fender

173 Choppy Waters Ahead: Exploring the Changing Currents in Higher Education
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Kathleen Barnes , John Stark, D.Ryan Miller

175 Community Circles: An experiential exercise for an Introduction to 0rganizational Behavior course
Maria Hasenhuttl, Graciela Katzer

80 Competency-Based Leadership: Designing & Assessing a Co-Curricular and Academic Program
Erin Makarius, Sheri Schulte

149 crafting the aesthetic workspace
William Van Buskirk, Michael London, Carolyn Plump, Frank Barrett

42 Creating a Learning Community to Navigate the Changing Current of Social Isolation
Jann Freed

129 Creating a Pinterest Board for the Collaborative Sharing of Management Video Clips
Gordon Schmidt

165 Creating Relevant Cases using the Noun-Verb Framework
Robert Bonner, Andrea Neely, Anthony Neely, Sarah Roche

77 Creative Leadership Development: Curating an innovative learning community
John McCarthy, Charles Allen

154 Developing Course Contexts that Facilitate Student Development
Matthew Eriksen, thomas r. king

103 Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through the Integration of Management Concepts and Theories and Current News and Events Using the Wall Street Journal
Loren Kuzuhara, Annette Mondry

95 Dialogue Between Theory and Application: The Enduring Appeal of Carter Racing
Jack Brittain, Sim Sitkin

61 Dramatically re-examining conflict management with Forum Theatre
Edmund Chow

171 Educating Millennials: Using Technoly-based Tools to Keep Them Engaged
Andrea Rodgers, Anna Pietraszek

153 Educator as Adventurer: Using Inquiry in place of the Swiss Army Knife
Tracey Messer, Linda Robson

152 Eliciting Career Insight Through Classroom Interventions
Brittany Buis, Jon Briscoe

78 Enriching Success via Grit and Growth Mindset: Exploring the currents created by personal perceptions of learning
Mary Tucker, Andrew Pueschel, Katherine Hartman, Nicole Gullekson

120 Entrepreneurial Tools and the i-Generation: Suggested Pivots
Janice Black, Leann Mischel, Frances Fabian

128 Establishing the Identity of the Class and Instructor
Dale Rude, Cyrus Parks

186 Ethical Issues with Experiential Activities
David Bradford

157 Expanding the Pie: Negotiating in Academia
Barbara Ritter, Kathleen Barnes, Gary Coombs, Kim Gower, Patricia Hedberg, Erika Small, Micheal Stratton, Anne McCarthy

81 Experience Change Simulation
Colette Dumas

110 Exploring Moral Dilemmas Through Video Game Playing
Susan Case, Edward Chavez Jr.

199 Fellows Presentation
The OBTS Fellows

9 Fellows Session: Women in Academia, Challenges and Opportunities
Joan Gallos, Joan Weiner, Maria Alejandra Quiijada

14 Flying High in Innovation Space: Exploring innovation opportunities using the 4Ps of innovation framework
Robin Bell

140 From Idea Napkins to Beyond: Using the Ideation Process to Develop Oral Presentation Skills in the Entrepreneurial Classroom
Tammi Redd

182 From Space Making to Place Making in the Virtual and Blended Classroom
Janine Clarke

142 From student to executive: A strategic leadership performance model for career enhancement
David Boss, Amy Taylor-Bianco, Tim Reynolds, Janna Chimeli

115 Gamification: Introducing Badges, Points, and Leaderboards to Management Education
Erin Makarius, Steve Kaufman

104 Gather around the “Video-Clip Campfire” and share your best teaching video clips
Bob Marx, Tim Baldwin, Maria Quijada

147 Gather around the garbage fire! Learning from experiential activities gone awry
Steven Edelson, Micheal Stratton, Gary Stark, Scott Allen, Terry Nelson, Cristina Arroyo, Chantal van Esch, Kevin Lo

170 Gems (Teaching Tools/Techniques) I Have Used (Stolen from OBTC Presenters) Over the Past 15 Years of OBTC
J.P. Julie Palmer

184 Grand Ethical Challenges and Management Education: A Moral Intensity Approach
Nicholas Rhew, Robert Steinbauer

118 Group Project Survival Guide: A Free Online Multimedia Resource for Students and Instructors
Keith Rollag, Eric Palson

130 Guess Who’s Coming to Deliver?: A Meaningful Classroom Conversation about Microaggressions
Tina Thompson, Susan Dustin

193 Harvesting our learning together as we navigate the changing currents of collaborative learning
M. Beth Page, Kathy Biship

108 Hitting the Ground Running: Surviving and Thriving in the First Year in Your New Job
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Charles Fornaciari

197 Honoring the Intellectual Legacy and Impact of Andre Delbecq: Mind, Heart, and Spirit
Joan Gallos, Bob Marx

143 How a General Business course is a key for students in making the transition from being a first year student to developing the skill sets necessary for future successes
George F. Marron

67 Human Figures as an Effective Method of Teaching
Marcus Valenzuela, John Ross, John Stark

68 Humanizing Organizational Performance
Jason Pierce

180 I-Generation: Millennial Students on Steroids?
Janice Black, Nicholas Rhew, Frances Fabian

167 I’m Exhausted! Racial Microaggressions and the Burden of ‘Articulateness’
Keith Hunter, Monika Hudson

113 Influence Across Difference: Influence Would Be Easy If Only There Weren’t People Involved!
Nan Langowitz

1 Information Technology and Andragogy: Making them work together
Rick Herbert

90 Innovations in Teaching About Bias and Error in Perception and Decision Making
Mark Cannon, Corbette Doyle, Deborah Butler

145 Integrative Team Teaching: Going against the tide at the U.S. Naval War College
Olenda Johnson

132 iPads are Coming, iPads are Coming… Now What? Using Apps for Collaboration and Engagement
Linda Dunn-Jensen

148 Issue-Based Problem Solving: A pedagogical approach enabling students to understand and address business challenges
Alia Crocker, Jonathan Sims, Richard Wang

72 It’s Only Rock and Roll: Using Musical Groups to Illustrate Cool Organizational Topics like Organizational Life Cycle
Lucy Arendt

2 Just because we can doesn’t mean we should: Ethics in experiential teaching and learning
Sarah Wright, Jeanie Forray, Kathy Lund Dean

94 Laugh and learn: Engaging students through humor
Nancy Scott, Lisa Delise

62 Leadership & Management 2040: To Heck with the “Currents,” there is a Tidal Wave Coming
Scott Allen

194 Leadership Simulations and OB: Improving the Student Experience
Charles Buchanan, Roy Lewicki

192 Learning Outside the Classroom by Launching, Building, and Analyzing an Online Business
Ruth Gilleran, Donna Stoddard

85 LinkedIn to Social Media
Janet Matelski-Smith, Diane DeRubertis

121 Loopy-System Structural Maps
Janice Black, Nicholas Twigg

146 Making Your Case for OB and Competitive Advantage
Janice Molloy, Diana Smrt

19 Measuring impact for management education teaching resources: Alternatives to the impact factor?
Joy Beatty, Jennifer Leigh, Jeanie Forray, Joe Seltzer

187 Meet the Journal Editors - Incubator Session: Journal of Management Education and Management Teaching Review
Jeanie Forray, Kathi Lovelace, Kathy Lund Dean

69 Mid-career and Senior Consortium
Dale Finn, Tom Hawk, Kathleen Kane, Sandra Morgan, Joe Seltzer, Judi Strauss-Lipkin, Joan Weiner

21 Mindful listening through ancient Hermetic principles
Carmen Dima

32 Mindfulness and Self-regulation: A Series of Application Assignments
Mike Roberson

117 Multicultural, Movies, and Management: Navigating Overseas Currents
Linda Christie, Pramila Rao

45 Mutiny in the Band of Brothers: A juxtaposition of two leaders
Micheal Stratton, Mark Julien, Russell Clayton, Bryan Schaffer

177 Navigating Change through the Change Management Simulation: Power and Influence
Kathi Lovelace, Loren Dyck

75 Navigating the Business World: From Classroom to Practice
Cheryl Adkins, Steven Samaras, James Haug

10 Navigating the Changing Currents of Social Media: Teaching Management Students How To Analyze and Understand University Social Media Policies
Kimberly O'Connor, Gordon Schmidt

25 Navigating the Dangerous Currents of Poverty
Tim O. Peterson, Claudette Peterson, Hailey Golpen, Joy Beatty

29 Navigating the emotional currents of community change
Mary Anne Peabody, Elizabeth Fisher Turesky

88 Navigating the Plethora of Study-Abroad Opportunities: What should we advise our students?
Roger Dean

163 Navigating the Transition to Professor: Reflections on First-Year Teaching
Christopher Lyddy, Tiffany Schroeder

105 Navigating with Captain Ignatius: Timeless Principles for an Inner Compass
Dennis O'Connor, Renée Downey

8 New Frontiers in Global Leadership Education: Next Generation Interactive, Multimedia Cases for Online and Traditional Courses
Henry Lane, David Wesley

31 Non-traditional Professor's Playbook: How to successfully follow a non-traditional track OR work with professors that do
Ashley Lesko, Brittany Martin

141 Not Seen and Not Heard: Building a Support System for Management Educators with Learning Disabilities
Chantal van Esch, Sophie Jané, Lisa Stickney

136 Open Source OB: Using Open Educational Resources
Elizabeth Siler, Victoria Gruzynski, Miriam Plavin-Masterman

124 Ping? Pong! Exercising the Sudden Search for Significance
David Fearon

27 Poverty Poker: An exercise to gain insight into the root causes of poverty
Joy Beatty, Tim Peterson

100 PRME News: Citizen Reporting on Responsible Management Education
Jennifer Leigh, Jeanie Forray, Danna Greenberg, Janelle Goodnight

125 Publish don’t perish: Charting the course for writing a book
David Kaplan, Suzanne de Janasz, Beverly DeMarr, Paul Ducham, Jeff Mello

109 REACHing the student, reaching the destination. The design and integration of a career preparedness initiative into an undergraduate management curriculum.
Rose Hair, Stephen Hill

49 Red Solo Cup Challenge: What Happens when Organizations Scale Up
Sue McNamara

47 Reframing Revisited: The State of the Art
Lee Bolman, Bob Marx

54 Save the Blue Frog: Utilizing Social Presence Theory to Enhance Experiential Games
Michael Kraten

106 Seeing Social Class and Understanding Our Students
Elizabeth Siler, Pamela Derfus, Miriam Plavin-Masterman

44 Service-learning as a means to developing self-awareness, communication skills, and leadership capabilities
Justina Oliveira

55 Set Sail with a Live Case
Timothy Harper, Barbara Norrelli, Melanie Brandston, Mary Taber

30 Social Sector and Business Strategies for Complex Adaptive Change: Navigating the Changing Currents for Business Education
Robert Yawson, Gayle Peterson, Ivy Johnson-Kanda

97 Stand up for education: the use of humor for teaching and learning
Roger Saunders

169 Starting the Day Right: Run or Walk with your fellow OBTCers
Rita Shea-Van Fossen, Carrie Blair Messal

63 Strategy Simulation as Experiential Learning and Assessment: Two benefits for the effort of one.
Steven Samaras, James Haug

183 Study Abroad As Impact, Innovation, and Engagement: Reframing International Experiences for Multiple Stakeholders
Nicholas Rhew, Arlise McKinney, David Fink

51 Supermindfulness: Presence and Flexibility for Developing Creative and Resilient Leaders
John McCarthy, Eliza Lay

144 Supporting College Students with Emotional Illnesses: A Discussion for Management Educators Abstract:
Rosanna Miguel, Alison Dachner

35 Supporting MBA Students on the Path to Success: Transformative Learning Experiences within a Leadership Foundations Course
Teal McAteer, Leah Graystone, Whitney Ross

71 Teaching “Executive Employability” to EMBAs and Executive Education Participants
Konstantin Korotov

166 Teaching about diversity, equity and fairness as part of a business curriculum: Can we navigate the riptides or should we avoid those waters?”
Kimberly Sherman

53 Teaching and Learning Organizational Behavior and Management Theories Through Narrative and Drama
Mike McCullough

48 Teaching Charisma and Networking: Measuring Student Confidence Before and After a Classroom Lesson
Stephen Hill, Andrew Marsherall

119 Teaching Ethics: Moral Awareness in a Deregulated Business World
Marie McKendall

74 Teaching for Transformation: A Discussion about Deep Teaching and Learning
Marc Lavine, Daniel Harris, Claudette Peterson, Timothy Peterson

92 Teaching human resource management from a parallel perspective to facilitate student career preparation and job seeking success.
Gerald Schoenfeld

89 Teaching leadership from the perspective of those being led: A structured reflective exercise
Dennis Laker

43 Teaching Management in the Context of a Radically Changing Government: How Might Courses in Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, and General Management Incorporate Issues of Evolving Systemic Power?
Rae Andre

16 Teaching Numbers to Non-Financial Students Through Visual Processes
Vince Bruni-Bossio, Chelsea Willness

37 Teaching Strategy by Focusing on Cannabis
Opal Leung

111 Teaching Structure with La Cosa Nostra
Diana Smrt, Janice Molloy, Joy Beatty

107 Team Based Learning Techniques for our Changing Classrooms
Jane Parent, Paul Antonellis, Cheryl Sullivan, Kathi Lovelace

87 Ten Years of Building Simulations
Michael Roberto

98 Testing can be fun
Roger Saunders

50 The effect of interruptions on learning in e-learning and technology based learning environments
Jessica Federman

131 The Frisbee Session – How to develop a classroom activity from a simple idea
Kerri Crowne Brannen

46 The Half Life of Management Theory
Gary Coombs

189 The noose: A case study in institutional miscommunication
Monika Hudson, Keith Hunter, Darrick Smith

155 The Pink Elephant in the Classroom: Pedagogical Techniques to Tackle Controversial Topics
Cristina Arroyo Rodriguez, Kimberly Gower, Gary Stark

65 The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Collegiate Leadership Competition
Scott Allen, Steve Edelson

102 The Self-Exploration Module: Helping Our Students Understand Themselves
Jane Wheeler

188 The Social Capital Game: Introducing Instrumental and Affective Social Networks
Keith Hunter, Gary Wagenheim

22 The student learning contract: a grounded approach
Alick Kay, Peter Balan

178 The Tennis Ball Exercise
James Flynn, Nancy Houfek

133 To Affinity and Beyond: Using Affinity Diagramming as Management Educators
Carrie A. Blair, Angela M. Passarelli

185 To Think Or to Blindly Follow: What Are We Actually Teaching Students in the Classroom?
Bahareh Javadizadeh, Hank Strevel

164 To XC or Not to XC: Let’s Start a Barfight Over this Question
Gary Stark

26 Top Management Team in Crisis: An Experiential Exercise Focused on Communication Skills
Rebecca Bull Schaefer

38 Tweetbook, FaceGoogle, and InstaChat: Navigating your students’ digital waters to increase classroom engagement and learning
Kim Gower, Terri Scandura

56 Use of Student Developed Cases
Mark Phillips

137 Using a Web-based Platform to Administer Simulations and Role-Plays So You Can Focus on Teaching
Amanda Weirup, Niraj Kumar

24 Using Classroom Debates to Teach Critical Thinking
Deirdre Snyder

5 Using Ethics Game to Develop Ethical Awareness
Joy Beatty

6 Using Metaphors and analogies to plug students into currents which will light up interest and understanding of OB course concepts.
Deborah Butler, Mark Cannon, Edward Miles

179 Using Sequential Research Methods and Leading Change Courses to Increase Connections between Students and Community Partners.
Paul Thurston

126 Video Killed the Lecturing Star
Jason Myrowitz

86 Virtual Teams Are Virtually Everywhere! Maximizing Online Course Team Performance through Tools and Technology
Diane DeRubertis, Janet Matelski-Smith

84 Virtual Teams in International Business
Brian Hanssen

156 Walk A Mile (For a Minute) In My Shoes – Applications of Micro-teaching and Learning With Drama and Improvisation for Leadership Development
Sandra Romenska

36 What I Wish I Knew in 1976: Interactive Reflections on Four Decades of Teaching Organizational Behavior
Michael Morris

60 What’s the Culture of this Organization? Understanding Organizational Culture
Peruvemba Jaya

73 When Students Have Skin in the Game: Two Classroom Activities to Teach Persuasion and Negotiation with Real Outcomes
Emily Tarr, Kimberly McCarthy

57 Zoom: Incorporating Virtual Interactions into Hybrid and Online Classes
Erin Makarius, Scott Bible, Bindiganavale Vijayaraman


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