International Registration Info

Why Attend International MOBTS?

International MOBTS is a leader in pedagogical management on a global level, as well as being one of the best values you will find at a conference of any kind. Differing from MOBTS (USA-based, which offers a single all-inclusive price), iMOBTS offers an à la carte registration at considerable value.

IMOBTS 2022 will take place from the evening of June 22nd (opening reception) through June 24th at DHBW Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany). A post-conference excursion may be offered for June 25th.

The Call for Papers will open on November 1st, 2021.

General conference session programming will open with a pre-conference reception taking place on evening of the first night (*Note: Post-conference ‘excursions’ may be assisted by MOBTS; however, it will be up to individuals to book separately). We will assist in coordinating group excursions for anyone staying post-conference.