Meet the Board

“The mission of the Society is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning across the management disciplines.”

~ Mission Statement of MOBTS

The MOBTS Board of Directors is comprised of member volunteers. The board is typically comprised of 11-15 votes, a majority of which must be elected (as opposed to appointed). The Board may also provide ex-officio non-voting roles as warranted. For more information on the Board of Directors, respective roles, elections, and other related items, please review our Bylaws.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of five voting members (the President, OB-1, Treasurer, Secretary, and an At-Large -or- the President-Elect, when applicable) and one non-voting member (Executive Director). The Executive Committee shall exercise all the powers of the Board of Directors during the intervals between the meetings of the Board, except as otherwise provided by the Bylaws.

Ken Mullane, Salem State University

Kevin Lo | MOBTS President (2025)
University of San Francisco

Ken Mullane | OB-1 (2025), Site Chair (2024)
Salem State University

Tammi Redd | Treasurer (2025)
Ramapo College

pic_wright_2021 copy

Emily Tarr | Secretary (2025)
California State University San Marcos

Sarah Wright | At-Large (2024)
University of Canterbury

Brandon Taylor Charpied | Executive Director
Ex-Officio Non-Voting

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes the Officers from the Executive Committee, as well as the elected and appointed Directors listed below.


Carlos Baldo | At-Large (2025)
Colorado Mesa University


Kerri Crowne Brannen | MTR Co-Editor (2025)
Widener University


Alexandra Dunn | Doctoral Institute Chair (2026)
University of Mary Washington

Eury_Jennifer (1)

Jennifer Eury | At-Large (2026)
Penn State University


Lisa Kuron | CLC Representative (ex-officio)
Wilfrid Laurier University

Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer Leigh | Co-Editor-in-Chief, JME (2024)
Nazareth College


Melanie Robinson | Co-Editor-in-Chief, JME (2024)
HEC Montreal


Gordon B. Schmidt | MTR Co-Editor (2025)
University of Louisiana Monroe


Sabrina Speights | Program Chair, MOBTS 2024
Wheaton College


Phylicia Taylor | At-Large (2025)
Florida A&M University

Standing Committees

Finance Committee

  • Brandon Taylor Charpied (Chair)
  • Tammi Redd

Nominations & Elections Committee

  • Brandon Taylor Charpied (Chair)
  • Kevin Lo
  • Ken Mullane
  • Tammi Redd
  • Emily Tarr
  • Sarah Wright

Awards Committee

  • Ken Mullane (Chair)
  • Kevin Lo
  • Tammi Redd
  • Emily Tarr
  • Sarah Wright
  • Brandon Taylor Charpied